Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Films I Watch Over And Over

Inspired by a piece on recently, here’s my list of the 10 films I can watch over an over and over again...

Return Of The Jedi
Not the best, but Jedi is in fact my favourite Star Wars film. I even liked the ewoks, ok?

School Of Rock
Rock 'n' roll and comedy. And Jack Black! How can it get any better than this? Fave bit? Every time Jack Black launches into a song… His facial expressions are priceless. And for the record, I have the VCD, DVD and soundtrack to boot.

Nacho Libre
Another Jack Black flick. Hugely underrated, but loaded with awesome and awkward dialogue, like: “Chancho, sometimes when you’re an adult, you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun”. Haha!

Jerry Maguire
Yeah, yeah… I’m also quite the romantic. There, I said it. And with a sports setting, I’d watch this 12 times in 24 hours, no prob. It completes me.

Tom Cruise makes great dude movies, and this one made me want to go to New York and work at a bar more than anything else in life at that time. The waterfall scene is not too shabby either.

Ali Setan
So many great lines, and funny till today. It was 1Malaysia before the concept existed. And yes, I had a crush on Ogy. A huge one.

Notting Hill
A quiet romantic flick that gets better with every viewing. A fantasy every guy can relate to, no?
Back To The Future 2
The cool “futuristic” gadgets, the slightly-confusing plot, memang best lah. There’s no better Time Machine movie out there till today.

When I first saw it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. It raises your spirits and makes barbaric seems romantic. The true power of a film.

Superman 2
So yeah, he gets all lovey-dovey and loses all his powers. But the 3 equally-powerful baddies was a great idea, and I simply love the opening Eiffel Tower scene. Altho I do despise Lois Lane.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pertandingan Cerita Lawak GUA

So yesterday we had the PC and launch of "Pertandingan Cerita Lawak GUA" at the colourful cafe "Stuff You Face" at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Basically it's a video UGC contest on GUA where anyone can send in their funny videos and stand a chance to win fantastic cash prizes.

It starts on March 1st and will run till 31st May. Each month we will be giving away RM1,000 for the top 3 videos, while the grand prize winner will take home RM2,000! Not bad huh?

Best part, the grand prize winner will be judged by celebrity comedians, Harith Iskander and Din Beramboi. The duo will also be giving away 3 other subsidiary titles.

For more info, click HERE

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello, Pacific Coffee Company!

Yup, this whole coffee-craze is not going away anytime soon, is it? And yet another new player has just entered the game; Hong Kong-based Pacific Coffee Company.

It's first outlet in Malaysia can be found at IOI Boulevard and I must say it made a pretty good impression on me.

It's spacious, tastefully decorated and crucially, serves pretty good coffee.

Of course being new, the "bau kedai" is still there as well, but that's not really a complaint. And apart from the usual magazines you might see at other coffee places, they also have a nice mini library at one corner that stocks novels, travel books and shakespeare (!).
And you know what? This place definitely has the potential to be my new favourite coffee hangout...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hot Topic 20/2

So just moments ago, Tiger Woods made his much-awaited apology on TV. It wasn't really a news conference as there no questions allowed, and reactions have been mixed so far.

Personally, I think a sit down interview with say, Larry King, would have been more appropriate and sincere. The apology did look and feel extremely rehearsed. So points have to be taken off there.

But the real question is, does the world forgive him now?

Well, does it even really matter?

As pointed out by some in twitterverse, he owes the biggest apology to his family. The rest of us don't really matter.

I mean, I've been a fan since forever, and what I've always admired about Tiger is his athletic abilities. That's all really. And because of that, I've bought his shirts and caps, and magazines with his mug on the cover. Didn't really know or care about his personal life.

But of course there would be those who would argue that he's cheated all of us by putting on this wholesome image of a superfamilyman all this while. And that it wouldn't have mattered if he had played his cards the way, say, Mike Tyson did. Which was basically, "I'll do whatever I want cos I'm a thug and I'll always be one".

So in case you're wondering, as a fan, yeah I forgive him. He screwed up and I truly hope things will work out between him and his wife Elin.

After which, I sure as hell would want to see him back on the course wowing us with his athletic abilities again. After all, this IS the Year of the Tiger...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hot Topic 19/2

So a hot topic today is the condemnation of my fellow MHI host, Wardina, by an anonymous blogger for her visit of Kelantan MB Nik Aziz earlier this week in Kosmo.

If you haven’t heard, Wardina attended an event in Kelantan called “Hari Hiburan Islam”, and later on admitted that she had met up with the enigmatic Tok Guru.

She had also expressed her admiration for him, but, as she related to me personally this morning, she had also expressed the same for former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

In an earlier Kosmo article, she was quoted as saying: “Memang betul saya ke Kelantan dan ada berjumpa dengan Nik Aziz tetapi bukan tentang hal politik. Saya ke sana atas undangan kerajaan negeri dan itu bukanlah kali pertama saya terlibat dalam majlis ilmu di Kelantan.”

But in another Kosmo article today, the tabloid quoted an anonymous blogger who basically blasted her for being “Anasir PAS di TV3”.

The problem really lies in what I’ve always believed; that there’s simply too much politics in our lives here in Malaysia. And that nothing can be done or said by anyone without someone else putting a political spin on it.

Seriously, issues can’t be discussed without not knowing where you’re coming from politically. I mean, talk about an immature society, apolitical citizens are usually quick to be shot down as not knowing what they’re talking about or “misled” by so-and-so simply for being honest with their opinions.

I bet if I were to say that the No-Plastic-Bag campaign that’s been going on in the Klang Valley is good, I’m sure there would be those who will come up with 1001 reasons why it’s not (because the idea didn't come from them) while calling me an opposition supporter.

Can’t people just be supporters of good ideas and efforts instead? I mean, as a tax-paying citizen (and I do pay LOADS of taxes), can’t I think of society’s interests instead of what everything means to politicians (whomever they may be)? Sheesh...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NGO The Way To Go?

So a new project of mine is nicely taking shape. Borne out of the epiphanies I had last year (for real!), my only hope is that this new baby of mine will take off and, get ready for it, touch people's lives...

The powerpoint presso is almost done and I hope with this, I get to rope in a few more people to move forward.

It's a really simple idea. Something that everyone could relate to. Which I will reveal in due time, of course.

But although I've never been good with "persatuan"s and stuff, I might need an NGO vehicle to realise this dream of mine. So do watch this space...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Steak Wars!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice how much I've been talking about steaks lately. Don't know lah. It's not a new-found craze or anything, but the whole thing was really kickstarted when I discovered this new steak place in Kelana Jaya called Las Vacas. (Scroll down a bit to read about the steak-eating competition I took part in last month).
Anyway, there are many reasons why this place is nothing short of exceptional. For one, it's easy to find (it's right behind the famous kuey teow FAM), and parking is always ample, especially at night.

The whole place also has a really nice, cosy ambience. Not too many tables though, so reservations are recommended. The service is also top-notch. And I can bet that after a couple of visits, the owners themselves would already know your name.

But what about the steaks you ask? So far, they've delivered on every visit, I must say. (and so far I've tried the rib-eye, sirloin and chuck rib). It's really about the meats and at Las Vacas, they only import the best for you and me.

The sides are of no-frills variety though. So don't expect anything more than a piece of bread and some vege. But that's really ok, cos the steaks are the real stars.

On some people's recommendations, I also paid a visit to Meatworks recently, located at Solaris, Mont Kiara. Good name for a steak house, huh?
Meatworks is definitely swankier with more expensive-looking decor and a "shinier" interior. The kind of place you take a first date to in order to impress.
The food? Well, I quite liked like complimentary satay. As for the steaks, the reviews were rather mixed. The rib-eye was thick and juicy and was rather good, but the sirloin was only so-so. It was porbably grilled a minute more than it should, so it was a tad hard to enjoy.
So in this particular battle, Las Vacas wins hands down. Better food, better service, although it can get a tad pricy as well. But hey, the best things in life ain't cheap, ok?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kris Allen in KL

So thanks to Star World, I got my hands on some passes for American Idol season 8 champ Kris Allen's showcase at the Gardens Ballroom on Monday.

From what I know, the gig was put together rather last minute and was squeezed in between his Manila and Singapore stops. Anyway, the buzz around the clean-cut dude was pretty good especially in KL and in the end, about 1,000 invited guests turned up for the event.

And you know what? It felt like being there during the Idol shows. It was just like that with Kris in his shirt and jeans, and playing the acoustic guitar while getting the girls to cheer at the right moments. The facial gestures, the swagger, memang sama lah! Haha.

Which is not a bad thing, really. His voice was just like in the CD and his understated style gave no one any reason to complain. So overall, it was quite a good show, and I think all the teenage girls who turned up must have had the time of their lives.

But no, he didn't sing "There're no boundaraaaayyysss"....

Blogging, bla, bla, bla...

Yes it's kinda apparent that this whole blogging thing is getting a bit tiring (and tired, I guess). Take a peek at my post counter on the right and you can see that productivity has gone down over the years. Why lah?

Well, for starters, I've been busy mah... Been writing screenplays, working 9-6 and now, hosting a TV show as well. And with whatever free time I might have, I'd prefer to laze around or watch DVD, or go jalan-jalan with the fam.

And so this blogging thing has taken somewhat of a backseat. With social media taking over my life as well, the thought of writing a few hundred words and manually uploading pics just sound like a big chore now for me.

And what do you know? An article in The Star's In Tech section yesterday also confirmed my suspicions that blogging is on a down trend the world over. People would rather tweet or update their facebook page. And yes, GOOGLE BUZZ has also arrived. So, more social stuff, more sharing-maring, but less writing I guess...

Anyway, the truth is I'd love to write more. And hopefully this is just an isolated rant lah.

So take care, peeps! I gotta go and tweet something...


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