Monday, January 25, 2010

Las Vacas Steak-Eating Competition

Yes I love food, but this was my first ever eating competition. And what a debut it was. For starters, it's organised by Las Vacas, one of the best steak houses in the land, so at the very least, we get to enjoy some mighty fine steaks.

And secondly, I also covered the event as a MHI "journalist". Yup, some of you might have watched the report earlier this morning. :)

Anyway, the rules were simple; gobble down as much steak as you can in 40 mins. And in case you're wondering, the entry fee was RM60. Oklah since they serve all imported meats.

The other important rule: YOU PUKE, AND YOU'RE OUT! And no, no one actually did that at the end of 40 mins. It was a clean competition indeed. Haha!

This was my "starting piece". All in, I had four pieces. Pretty decent lah. And in total, all 24 conteststants devoured some 40kgs of steak on the day.

So yeah I didn't win, but it was a great first experience. For the record, the winner gobbled down 1.3kgs of meat! Giler ah.

The two celebrity contestants, rapper Altimet (far left) and actor Riz Ainuddin did pretty well. They were two of just five who consumed more than 1kg on the day. Respect!

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