Friday, December 18, 2009

My Favourite Moments Of 2009

Talk about bittersweet, 2009 must rank as the mother of all bittersweet years. When we look back years from now, 2009 will be remembered for its merciless natural disasters, celebrity deaths, sucky economy and just a couple of reasons to make stuffy historians smile.

On a personal level, bittersweet would best describe my year as well. But being the chirpy chap that I am, the focus of this post would be only on my Favourite Moments. Here goes:

Shaved head
Took a gamble, and it turned out alright. Only problem, this shaving thing has become quite addictive!

Anarchy in the UK
Well, not really. But it was a nice trip back to the UK which covered London, Birmingham and Coventry. Nice.

Unveiled GUA’s new look
After a year plus, we unleased a slicker, well, less cluttered The result? We’ve been kicking competitors’ ass all year long (check Comscore if you want, haters!).

Hosted Hujah
It was only for a couple of episodes, but I had a blast. Oh yeah, if all goes all, you’ll be seeing me hosting another show in 2010. So, do watch this space.

“Mingguan Lelaki”
I penned the script which turned into gua’s most popular content with some 900,000 views. It’s about a geek who works at a men’s magazine. Yeah, I sort of wrote what I know. If you haven’t seen it already, watch it HERE.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
Went Down Under, twice; and enjoyed the best of what Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth had to offer. Best part? All is booked for another jaunt in 2010!
Family matters
At the end of the day tho, love and family are my most favourite bits of every year, although they’re too numerous to mention here :)

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