Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Peeps!

Not sure how you rate 2009, but I'm pretty sure things can only get better for the world in 2010. So, let's welcome the new year (and decade) with a big freakin... WOOHOO!!!

Since I'm blogging this at home, it's obvoious that I'm not at some party with rattlers in hand. In fact, as soon as the clock strikes 12, I'll be off to be bed to get some beauty sleep and gear up for a big day tomorrow...

See you then!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Favourite Stuff Of 2009

District 9. Gripping, suffocating stuff. No blue beings, but it's the most awesome flick this year in my mind.

Michael Jackson's This Is It. A magical ride for fans, especially. Much, much better than expected.

Them Crooked Vultures. Not just any supergroup, the album is simply an instant classic.

TV Show On DVD
The Big Bang Theory. Nerds rule! When they have execellent writers, that is.

TV Show On TV
Lost. Flashbacks, flashforwards, good bad guys, bad good guys... So many reasons why it's the best show on TV.

Story by Robert McKee. Not a new book, but it's been my trusted companion this past year. It's both andinstructional AND a self improvement book for me.

Blackberry Bold. How did I ever live without this before?

Social Media
Twitter. How did I ever love without this before?

Gossip Website
Celebslam. Gossip for guys? Oh hell, yeah…

Australia. Best giler ah.

Las Vacas. Juicy steaks. Always good.

Pavilion. For the first time in years, it's not One Utama for me. Pavilion's just swankier with shiner shops and better makan places.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Favourite Moments Of 2009

Talk about bittersweet, 2009 must rank as the mother of all bittersweet years. When we look back years from now, 2009 will be remembered for its merciless natural disasters, celebrity deaths, sucky economy and just a couple of reasons to make stuffy historians smile.

On a personal level, bittersweet would best describe my year as well. But being the chirpy chap that I am, the focus of this post would be only on my Favourite Moments. Here goes:

Shaved head
Took a gamble, and it turned out alright. Only problem, this shaving thing has become quite addictive!

Anarchy in the UK
Well, not really. But it was a nice trip back to the UK which covered London, Birmingham and Coventry. Nice.

Unveiled GUA’s new look
After a year plus, we unleased a slicker, well, less cluttered The result? We’ve been kicking competitors’ ass all year long (check Comscore if you want, haters!).

Hosted Hujah
It was only for a couple of episodes, but I had a blast. Oh yeah, if all goes all, you’ll be seeing me hosting another show in 2010. So, do watch this space.

“Mingguan Lelaki”
I penned the script which turned into gua’s most popular content with some 900,000 views. It’s about a geek who works at a men’s magazine. Yeah, I sort of wrote what I know. If you haven’t seen it already, watch it HERE.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
Went Down Under, twice; and enjoyed the best of what Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth had to offer. Best part? All is booked for another jaunt in 2010!
Family matters
At the end of the day tho, love and family are my most favourite bits of every year, although they’re too numerous to mention here :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. More women allege to have been pounced on by Tiger
And it’s pretty evident that Woods prefer boobs to booty. Strange.
2. Team F1 1Malaysia signs up Jarno Trulli, Heikki Kovalainen and Fairuz Fauzy
That's a pretty expensive line-up of back markers… I’m kidding! All the best guys!

3. Hulk Hogan gets engaged to his 20-something girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel
Pretty big news, but not as weird as…

4. Internet star Tila Tequila to marry lesbian lover Casey Johnson of Johnson & Johnson
Everyday life is the biggest “reality show” out there…

5. 3 Hollywood celebrity babies born in a week!
Congrats to Giselle, Kendra and Kourtney. Hollywood’s population has now overtaken China, apparently.

6. Malaysia qualifies for the SEA Games football final
It’s been awhile, I don’t even know how to feel…

7. Lady Gaga meets the Queen
But the Queen kept calling her “Camilla”… Must be the make-up.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fun Day, B-Day!

So it was a pretty nice day I had on the 8th, aka my 3_th bday. The office folks threw a simple bash for me and fellow bday boy Nick, complete with pretty large cards.



There was also the whole totally-not-gay, joint cake-cutting ceremony...

And later in the night, celebrated with the fam at HRC where I had my most favourite food in the whole wide world... nachos.

Thanks everyone for making it quite a day! Just wish next year I could, you know, cut the cake alone :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009


So last night, we totally rocked Anugerah Skrin 09 (ASK). It was the biggest production so far for us at Alt Media and we delivered the good stuff alright. We live-streamed the Red Carpet before the show started, which you can now watch HERE.

Photos were also uploaded realtime, and for the first time ever, we had two concurrent streams starting at 9pm. One was for the actual show, and the other was our own backstage stuff, streamed for the entire 2 1/2 hours.

Tiring for the guys, but everyone had fun making history yet again...

Friday, December 04, 2009


So, all of us at Alt Media are gearing up for a pretty busy year-end. In just a few hours, ANUGERAH SKRIN will be coming to you live from PWTC. And of course we've got some excellent online offerings!

At 7.30pm, there will be a live-streaming of the RED CARPET event! This is exclusively online, so you can't catch it anywhere else except at . The celebs will even be tweeting live! How cool is that???

And of course, throughout the entire show, photos and results will be updated almost at real time at So loads to look at.

Oh yeah, raise your hand if you're a fan of NUR KASIH! Wow, so many guys as well... hehe. Anyway, now you can order the DVD online thru

But if you're a hardcore fan (stop jumping already!), you can MEET the stars of the show, TIZ ZAQYAH and UMMI NAZEERA at the GUA booth tomorrow and Sunday at KARNIVAL JOM HEBOH, Bukit Jalil. Come by the booth at 5pm to see them!


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