Sunday, November 01, 2009

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT makes its world premiere
Watch this genius piece of film, people!

2. Adam Lambert reveals album cover
d&%5E5*#h%6... is all I can say, really.

3. The Internet turns 40
Pah. Overrated, this Internet business. Hehe. I’m kidding of course…

4. Anna Kournikova in KL!
In a baju kurung, no less. Looks like a “menantu” any mom would approve, doesn’t she?


5. Robert Pattinson underwear
Seriously! It’s a truly twisted world we live in now…
6. The Abu Dhabi F1 Circuit
Seriously, it looks like a slice of Mars with cars racing on it. Outstanding.

7. Britney’s 3 music video
Watch it here. You might want to keep it away from kids though.

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