Monday, October 19, 2009

MPB Raya Meriah!

So today we had the annual Media Prima Hari Raya Open House at Sri Pentas. And as usual, it was awesomely meriah with loads of marvelous food on the menu.
...Our own company Alt Media had a stall called ‘Gua Punya Cupcakes’ where we served up – you guessed it – Cupcakes. And since 1Malaysia was the theme (what else?), we custom ordered cupcakes with cute little Malaysians as icing on top.

...And the cupcakes were a definite hit as we ran out merely an hour after the stall was opened. It was also good catching up with colleagues whom you don't get to see on a daily basis although they're just around the corner.

Meanwhile, the evening session saw clients and celebs enjoying the atmosphere and entertainment. My favourite bit? Mee Rebus Baidali! Enuff said.

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