Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cameras To Roll In January...

Oh yes, shooting for the movie I co-wrote will finally start in January 2010. Hurrah!

Casting has not been finalised, but we pretty much know who we want for the roles. The hero will be someone famous making his acting debut, while the rest will be somewhat familiar faces with tons of talent.

Meanwhile, I've started writing my second movie screenplay and I'm having a blast. This one will be "Malaysian" in every way and has the Mamak special as the central theme. Not merely the backdrop or main location, but the whole story will be based on this popular Malaysian pop culture icon.

It's been really exciting so far as scenes just keep popping up in my head, although major revision on the dialogue will be needed once I get totally in tune with Mamak jargons and nuances.

More updates coming soon...

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