Friday, September 04, 2009

You’re Not Really A Football Fan, If…

… you call football “soccer”.

… your reply to the question, “what is your favourite team?”, is: “I QUITE like Spurs”.

… you support “Brazil” – even in the EPL.

… you go to a mamak on a Saturday night, and ask them to switch the channel to HBO.

… you only check the weekend matches results on TUESDAY.

… you need to ask what the default jersey colour of Liverpool is.

… you watch it if there’s nothing else on TV.

… you have enough sleep during World Cup month.

… you get your footie info from HOT and GALAXIE magazines.

… you support TEAMS, and not any team in particular.

… you support the LEAGUE, and not the teams.

… you describe a football player (any football player), as “cute”.

… you ask if Steve Archibald is still playing.

… you subscribe to the Mustika package, but not the sports package.

… you don’t go crazy during bloody International Week.

… you put up stickers of BOTH Man U and Liverpool on your car.


Anonymous said...

... watch the god awful akademi fantasi instead

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty

Anonymous said...

u must be referring to San Antonio Spurs not Tottenham Hotspur, unbeaten yet this season...

M.Zul said...

Anon 12:18.... pity you don't get the point


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