Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hollywood Calling...

Someone asked me sometime ago, why do I have a picture of the Hollywood sign on my main blog banner up there? Take a look; you see it as well, right?

Well, the honest answer is that it was done more out of convenience. I wanted to have a custom banner sometime back, and I did try out a couple of other images (including one of me in front of Hard Rock CafĂ© Bangkok), but somehow I couldn’t get the size right.

Then I tried this image, and it turned out OK.


But now, I’d like to think that it’s become a clear sign of ambition. Of what, you ask? Well, for me to make it there. Yes, “there” meaning Hollywood.

OK, have your laugh. NOW, can I explain further?

Like I’ve mentioned a couple of times here, screenwriting is a passion I have found this past one year. I’ve been writing other stuff all my life, but only recently did I take the time to fully learn and understand the finer points of the art of screenwriting.

In late 2007, I conceptualized the story of ‘Kerana Karina’, Malaysia’s first-ever online drama on KK also had 2 other sequels, but all three scripts were written by someone else.

But when an idea of mine was considered good enough to be made into a movie last year, it started the screenwriting ball rolling for me and my partner in crime for this particular project, Izham.

That particular screenplay is already done, and earlier this year, I wrote solo and came up with ‘Mingguan Lelaki’, which can be viewed here.

And currently, I’ve got a couple more projects on the plate that should be completed by the end of the year.

So, back to the Hollywood thingy… Well, that’s what I’m aiming for, to put it simply. Maybe I’ll sell a full screenplay or just a story idea, but the goal is quite straightforward really.

Aiming too high? Maybe. But so far in life I’ve achieved quite a number of things I never thought I would; like being in the Juara Lagu finals (twice), editing a national newspaper and having a book published.

Hollywood might be a tad loftier, but why the hell not? I’ve written lyrics to music by this composer Zuraini, and the girl has actually won a Grammy. A Grammy!

At this point of my life, what good is it to aim local and be contented with that? So folks, do watch this space. It might take a while, but I sure as hell will give it my best shot…

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