Thursday, July 02, 2009

'JELMA 2' Launched!

So yesterday we had the launch of GUA’s latest online series, JELMA 2, at Bar Savanth Too in Mont Kiara. We wanted a creepy environment and I think we sure did pull it off.

Most of the leading cast members and the crew were in attendance, and everyone basically got spooked good when we showed the first 2 episodes.

And I’m making the guarantee here again; JELMA 2 will be the scariest and bloodiest thing you’ll ever see online!

Here’s the synopsis:

The much talked about horror series depicts an evil representation of the devil which manifests in the form of a young boy. This manifestation which appears from the very first day of its foetal existence thrives to ensure that nothing shall prevent it from achieving the pinnacle of its power. In order to prevail, the demon casts his wrath upon those who are against him, leading to death if necessary.

In the second season, Rosli sends Mak Tom back to her hometown after defeating Wak Jang. However, he does not realize that his own son, Reza holds a grudge against him. Reza calls upon Wak Jang’s spirit and also conjures his late-parents’ manifestations to seek revenge on Rosli who was accused of breaking his allegiance with the devil.

So don’t forget to catch JELMA 2 starting 6th July only on!

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