Friday, June 05, 2009

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day and I have a question for you (to borrow from Janet Jackson): What have you done for the environment lately? OK, probably you turned off the lights for an hour a couple of months back, but dudes, more needs to be done to save this only home we have. “Well, what about you, smartass?” you might ask me. No worries, I’ve got a list of stuff sure to impress:

1. I eat more lamb and beef than chicken and fish, cos that way, I'm indirectly supporting the grass-growing industry
2. I have plants in my office
3. My favourite colour has been green since I was 5-years-old
4. I’m a member of the Karam Singh Wallia fan club
5. I’m sticking with my Hyundai instead of buying that Hummer which I totally can afford…

So, there.

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