Friday, June 26, 2009

5 (Good) Things I’ll Always Remember About Michael Jackson

5. The Young Michael
So pure, so innocent and so damn talented. He put a smile on everyone’s faces and got a lot of kids to start dreaming and believing in themselves.

4. The Oprah Interview
He opened up and answered some really tough questions. So much shit had been written about him by then, the interview reminded everyone that he was still a normal human being.

3. We Are The World
It showed what sort of heart he had. A big one.

2. The Music Videos
Michael took music videos to another level with awesomely crafted and performed pieces. No need for me to mention titles, I know we can all replay the videos in our heads and remember every single move.

1. Winning Those 8 Grammys in 1984
Peerless during this period, it was still a pleasant surprise and delight to see him picking up those 8 Grammys. I actually taped that show and watched it over and over again.

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