Thursday, May 21, 2009

So, What Happened America(n Idol)?

Adam didn’t win and I know a few people who meracau-ed rather hard. As for me, I have to be honest and say that I didn’t have a good feeling after last night’s performance show, and the name Kris kept popping up every time I dug deep inside myself looking for that final prediction.

To make it clear, I actually hated last night’s performance show. First off, I think repeat performances totally suck. I mean, the finale is supposed to be the contestants’ night, just give them the freedom to pick at least two songs on their own lah!

Why make them repeat, even though the songs represented their best moments on the show so far? And for the audience, the element of surprise was already gone. I thought Adam’s “Mad World” was again magical last night, but it could have been magical-er with a different tune.

When I said these two would make a good final, it was on the basis that Kris and Adam have been the most creative and audacious in crafting their performances. Why then for round two, you decide to get the creator of the show to pick their songs? Who freakin’ cares about the creator of the show???

And of course, as predicted, the obligatory finale song again sucked big time, this time with mountains and hurricanes to boot…

So although I had Adam beating Kris on my twitter scorecard, I had this feeling that anything could happen. Adam simply wasn’t given the chance to completely let loose and to me, he needed that to put a big gap between himself and Kris. If it’s a case of too close to call, (clean-cut Christian) Kris would win, I thought. And so he did.

The result show though was a great spectacle and thoroughly entertaining. And it’s amazing how they managed to book so many great artistes and got them to collaborate with America’s Top Amateurs. And it would have been a perfect night if only Lambert didn’t end up losing.

Ah well… at least we got the see TWO Bikini Girls this time around…

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