Friday, May 01, 2009

One In A Million 3 Finale - My Prediction

So tonight’s the night. Will it be Aweera, Esther or Tomok who takes home the One In A Million crown along with the RM1million prize package (in cash, recording contract and some home furnishings)?

But before I make my prediction, apologies for the no-review of the past two concert shows. Busy lah. Although I had actually taken down notes and stuff, I just never found the time to write the damn thing down.

Anyway, the first order of business tonight will be the announcement whether it’ll be the Top 2 or Top 3 competing for the crown. The matter was left to SMS voting last week and I am quite confident Malaysians would want to see all three strut their stuff on stage tonight.

And if that happens, the theory is Esther will have much more to gain since Tomok and Aweera are getting votes from the same voter base. With the Sabah votes already in the bag, it would seem that the contest is for Esther to lose. (Fooh, I’m already sounding like one of those quirky-looking professors on Awani predicting election results lah. )

But of course Tomok has already got a large fan base from his New Boyz days, and adding his newly-found female posse who’ve just realized it’s also cool to support someone named “Tomok” to that, dude has a strong case for a win as well.

What about Aweera? Well, what about him? I think he’ll pull off a good show tonight, but while he’s managed to outlast the likes of Nine and Rizu, the Perlis-born screamer has a more limited appeal compared to the other two, which means the votes won’t be quite enough for him, I’m afraid.

And judging by comments on the net, the fight will indeed be between Esther and Tomok. If voting on can be taken as a serious indicator of the prevailing sentiment, it might even be a landslide win for the Beyonce cover artiste.

My own prediction? Well, I’ve got a few, actually. Firstly, I think Paul Moss will be again wearing one of those ugly ass chokers; the incorrect “Janice DICKson Modelling Agency” will pop up again on the screen; and yes, the winner will be Tomok.

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