Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My American Idol Prediction

Oh yes, I’m a huge AI fan and I make no apologies for it. And I must say that this current season has been the best ever yet.

I mean, while past contests have produced successful artistes, you always had lame Top 12s and even the Top 2s. This year, after the first 3,4 eliminations were over and done with, the competition has been extremely stiff. Which has resulted in thoroughly entertaining performance shows.

As for the judges, well, they’ve been bringing it on, dudes! But the over-praising by both Paula and newbie Kara, has been somewhat annoying. And who thinks Simon should be revamping his wardrobe by now? Imagine the Brit cranking out a Hawaiian shirt for example; I tell ya, that’s a ratings winner right there. Plus, we could sure use with a little less man-boobs on the show, no?

Back to the contestants, this season has been blessed with truckloads of quality, and more importantly, variety. Rock chick, Asian R&Ber, theatrical chameleon, piano man, smooth crooner, slightly-smoother crooner – semua pun ada!

And I guess with Adam v Kris, we’ve got the best possible final.

What I like about these two is the fact that they’re the most unpredictable contestants this season. And while this is not “Song Arrangement Idol”, as some might say, the duo has definitely benefited from this added dimension in their talent.

To be honest, I never liked Kris in the beginning. So OK, he’s got that honest-to-goodness schoolboy charm, but I thought he was just too plain in his vocals. In other words, dude is BORING!

But his multi-instrument flexibility and musical intelligence have translated into fine performances that the voting public in the US obviously appreciate. And for the final, I’m expecting Kris to deliver cleverly-crafted performances that will surprise and leave the women swooning (although he might hope the camera doesn’t focus on the missus too much). He won’t be hitting those big notes, but the key for Kris is connectivity with the audience.

Then there is Adam Lambert. Oh man, where do I start? Well, yes I’ve seen the pictures, but it’s totally none of my business (although I did go, euwwww). What I care about is those mega vocal chords. Jeez, can this guy sing or what? And he makes things look so damn easy. Staying humble in the whole process just makes him the perfect champion-to-be.

So for the final, I’m expecting Adam to shine by going the rock/tender way yet again. One song to bring the house down, and another to bring out the tears. And of course, one mushy “this is my dream” obligatory new ballad lah.

But who will ultimately be crowned the champ? I’m guessing it will be close. But in a one-on-one showdown, IMHO Adam’s awesomeness will overshadow Kris’s silky smooth style. The judges will also play a big role, but I don’t think Glambert will be denied his glory at the end of the day…

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