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One In A Million 3 Top 6 Show Review

It’s getting ever closer to the final and I must say that those still standing in the competition thoroughly deserve their respective spots. Of course someone had to go before the singing begun and after Simon, Aweera and Rizu were invited to step to the front and centre of the stage, it was kind of obvious that Rizu was the one to be given the ticket home.

To be honest, I felt a tinge of “kesian” for Rizu, cos no matter what, the guy had never been lacking in the effort department. But as he was belting his farewell tune “She Will Be Loved”, I had to wonder why so many singing reality contestants now keep on choosing Maroon 5 numbers when generally the others before them have stunk at it.

I mean, remember that black girl in this year’s American Idol semi-finals? And what about last year’s OIAM itself where Intan Sarafina somehow thought she was capable of delivering Maroon 5’s “Wake Up Call” when all she managed was a rendition from hell that probably even the devil couldn’t stand. Sheesh.

OK, onto the top 6 show now…

First up was immunity holder Tomok, and again the dude chose a chick song, this time, giving the Tomok treatment to Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. I thought he kind of rushed the first part of the song, but Paul was right, the arrangement was unpredictable and Tomok made it effective and enjoyable. I especially loved the “ella, ella” part that got me bopping my head unexpectedly. And oh yes, Mr. Moss boldly made the prediction that the New Boyz frontman would make it to the finals. And I must say that I agree.

Up next was Amylea who also re-arranged her chosen tune, “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. And it was another A-grade performance by Amylea that probably saved her from the bottom three next week. For the next couple of weeks though, I think it might be a better strategy for her to pick more mainstream hits. Yes, be shameless and pick the likes of Miley Cyrus or Paramore, for example… trust me on this.

Esther took the stage next and gave the audience a vaguely known cabaret number. But like the judges said, it worked very, very well! Esther knows the stage well and the playing with props proved to be a nice touch indeed. Job well done, and that would also mean that with Tomok, Amylea and Esther doing well to possibly earn enough votes to sail through to the next round, the next three faced an uphill task.

Nine chose another up-tempo number “Cinta Gila” to force a reaction out of the crowd, but again, he kinda failed. Let me tell you what the guy’s biggest problem is. While he’s played the “macho” card to near-perfection (as requested by Paul), the dude needs a huge dose of CHARM.

To be rather harsh, Nine looks like he's got something up his arse week in and week out. Chill dude! Do the macho bit, then loosen up a tad and flash the ladies a smile or two. For further reference, look up “David Cook”.

Aweera meanwhile is in desperate need of a real strategy. Getting up there and belting out a copycat rendition of an Awie tune will NOT win him the competition. No matter if your voice can break glass like Mrs. Nick Cannon (ah, my heart breaks every time I have to call Mariah that). So Aweera my boy, be smart! You’ve got a large enough fan base, you could be around for at least a couple more rounds if you could only choose better songs, OK?

And what about Simon then? Oh man. Bon Jovi's “Living On A Prayer” is a classic and is one of my all-time favourite tunes, and I’ve never, ever heard another version that I can say that I like. Which means, I simply hated Simon’s take on it. Nothing special lah.

And on that note, I can boldly predict that the “Yes” votes won’t be quite enough for the man they call The Boss next week. And please lah everyone, STAY AWAY FROM MAROON 5 SONGS, OK?

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