Monday, April 20, 2009

Mingguan Lelaki Launched!

So today we had the launch of’s first online drama series of 2009, “Mingguan Lelaki”. The launch and PC took place at the swanky Bar M at Solaris, Mont Kiara and it was great to see a good press turnout.

And as I’ve plugged before, the story idea for “Mingguan Lelaki” came from yours truly, as well as the script. All 100 pages of it. So obviously this project is extra special to me.

Here’s the synopsis according to the press release:

“Mingguan Lelaki” boasts an appealing cast lead by bright young actors such as Fazren Rafi, Sari Yanti, Memey Suhaiza and Saiffz Salleh.

Fazren Rafi plays Ilham a naïve computer geek who, through some unfortunate turn of events, ends up as a writer for a trashy men’s magazine. In between researching and writing men’s issues, Ilham works hard to complete his robot prototype with the intention of winning a competition offering RM100,000 as its grand prize. While his best friend Misha, who secretly has feelings for Ilham, motivates him to achieve his dream, Ilham loses focus as he finds himself drawn to sexy singer Farah. Ilham’s naivety soon leads him to more misfortunes.

“Mingguan Lelaki” is directed by Aziz M. Osman, his second GUA drama after last year’s successful “Luna Fantasiku”. We previewed the first two episodes at the PC today and I must say that it looks damn good. From the tone to the music, it’s definitely a must-watch, if I may say so myself!

And leading man Fazren Rafi surprised me with his range. People tend to overdo the geek bit, but Fazren’s interpretation is a tad understated yet effective.

Controversial actress Memey Suhaiza who plays the character Farah received a good boost during the PC when Aziz himself raved about her acting ability and basically called her the next big thing in the local industry!

“Mingguan Lelaki” will meet fans on on May 4, 2009. Each new episode will be available on GUA every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The 20-episode drama retains GUA’s short drama format, whereby each episode is creatively captured in just five minutes.

Fazren & Memey

Someone cheekily noted: "Kepala sama lah!"...

Aziz noted to me that this is the most "kurang ajar" show he's done. Haha!

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