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One In A Million 3 Top 9 Show Review

So it’s been one big roller coaster ride this season, hasn’t it? One week they wow us, the next, they’re just plain woeful. The top 9 show was somewhere in between, although it was indeed a good idea to do the “songwriters week”, where the finalists actually got to work with some of today’s top composers.

As usual the show started with the elimination process, which was a very complicated thing this time around. The bottom five were told of their ranking based on SMS votes by hosts Awal and Marion, and you’d need a bloody calculator to make sense of it all.

Marion: “You were third from the bottom on Monday but you’ve moved up a place, but does this mean you’re still in the bottom two, or second from the top of the bottom five?”

Like, huh????

Anyway, it was no real surprise when Pija was eventually eliminated after the series of mathematical riddles were revealed. And judging by the crowd reaction, no one’s gonna miss you Pija, I’m afraid. People were like, “Pija? Now which one is she? Can we watch Aweera already?”

Speaking of which, immunity holder Aweera’s performance was much anticipated, but what did the guy do? He freakin’ forgot the lyrics of the very first verse of his song “Janjiku”. Man oh, man. But I’m sure the rock kapak clan will keep on voting for him till he’s there in the finals. Oops, is that me making a prediction? Well, maybe.

Amylea was up next and thank God she’s no longer a mushroom! With a cool guitar in hand, this is the look she should stick to no matter what happens to her in this competition. Her take on Estranged’s “Yang Pernah” was equally cool and creative, although I wish the chorus could have been crunchier. She should be safe from the next elimination, in my mind.

Before I get to the next finalist, put up your hand if you think guest judge Fauzi Marzuki was plain ‘ol boring! Wow, thousands of you lot huh? I mean, try to come up with something else that’s not about pitching lah. And please pick a language and stick to it. Can ah? And it does look like Paul is trying to start some sort of trend with that choker thingy he’s worn two weeks in a row. Another product endorsement maybe?

Back to the singing, I thought Fify did pretty well with Elyana’s “Kalis Rindu”. Is she the Megan of OIAM3 now? It wouldn’t hurt her the least if that’s the case anyway. We were then told how the song’s composer Aidit Alfian was a bit anal with his songs and didn’t allow too much creativity in interpreting them. Boo! Hiss!

And note to scriptwriter: Jokes like the one by Awal - “Kalau saya yang nyanyi, saya akan tukar liriknya sekali. Dari “Kalis Rindu” jadi “Kalis Peluru”, was so lame lah. This is OIAM3 ok? Not “Usik-Usik Salleh Yaacob”.

As opposed to Fify, Rizu was given the freedom to interpret Flop Poppy’s “Cinta” the way he wanted to, and boy did he deliver. Honestly, I would definitely download this and even pay RM1.50 for it. The backing band though sounded a tad lifeless for my liking and the backup singers could have done a better job as well.

But if Rizu was really good, Tomok was simply terrific with his rendition of Meet Uncle Hussein’s “La La La La Kerjalah”. Proving that he’s now a real artiste instead of the “suara sengau” sensation, Tomok completely changed the arrangement of the tune and injected his own brand of charm and angst. I mean, this is TOMOK ok?

The next four, Anith (“Mungkin”), Nine (“Aku Dan Kamu”), Esther (“Dialah Di Hati”) and Simon (Generasiku”) were pretty decent, but no one came close to matching Tomok’s level of guile and originality.

And it was indeed entertaining watching Syafinaz bashing Aidit over and over again for not allowing the singers to be creative with this compositions. I don’t think the dude will be coming back to the show in any capacity anytime soon!

This week’s immunity was given to Tomok who completely desered it, and judging by comments on the net, the new New Boyz frontman will be around for a bit more.

My picks for the bottom three? It’s a bit tougher to predict this week, but I think the girls will be filling those spots yet again – Esther, Anith and unfortunately, Fify.

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*cHenTa* said...

i loveeee pija..maybe that's not her luck she left the show

anyway: all hail for Tomok. he's the one need to be watched out!


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