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One In A Million 3 Top 8 Show Review

Seriously folks, the OIAM3 producers really need to look at the elimination presentation each week cos I ain’t feeling the suspense lah! And where’s the obligatory sympathy sigh when a contestant is kicked out? Maybe the audience members need to be pepper sprayed to get them tearing up or something, but it’s getting embarrassing how the elimination process look so dead on TV every time. Brainstorm time, people!

Anyway, another gal got kicked out, and this time it was Anith’s turn. Well, I guess it doesn’t pay to be in catfights on this sort of show. You see, Anith and Pija had been at war over stuff I can’t write about, and now both of them are left with only dreams about that one million bucks. Awww…

Ah well, on to the show!

The theme of the week was “Opposites Attract” where the gals were required to sing boy songs and vice versa. Brilliant, I thought – although the fact that a few of the finalists had attempted this before kinda diminished the shock factor a little. But maybe I’m just overanalyzing this sort of stuff.

Up first was last week’s immunity winner Tomok who chose Melly Goeslaw’s “Gantung”. I don’t really know the song, so it didn’t sound weird or anything when the dude was singing it. But I did get bored in a jiffy. The song didn’t stretch Tomok at all, and it was all too easy for him. Yawn.

Amylea was up next and Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” was her choice. And as usual she changed the arrangement, which was commendable, but the singing for me was about 15% too much. The judges, including guest judge Jay Jay, liked it though, so, there you go.

Then it was time for a bit of gergaji rock when Aweera stepped up on to the stage. “Tiada Lagi” was his choice, and although the original singer was a lady, I knew his reference was 100% the version done by Amy Search a few years back. “Cheater! Cheater!” I was screaming rather loudly. And what do you know? Host Awal offered the same comment to Aweera at the end of the performance, and Paul rubbed it in sufficiently after that.

And why oh why did Aweera had to play the flag card? I mean, in the first place, SS2 has more people than his home state of Perlis. So macam mana nak dapat vote lebih? Secondly, I’m pretty sure everyone else not from Perlis felt rather indifferent to this show of unnecessary “semangat kenegerian”.

But of course guest judge Jay Jay liked it as well. In fact, he even liked the assistant producer testing the microphones. I’m kidding of course, but I’m kinda getting bored with all these guest judges who don’t quite have anything interesting to say. I just want to see Paul and Syafinaz fight lah…

Both Rizu (“Mercy”) and Simon (“When You’re Gone”) who were up next also gave weak performances. And I think Simon was simply rattled by the fact that he was in the bottom two. Which is the position he will be in again next week in my mind. I mean, yeah sure he’s got a great voice and the judges are behind him, but I’m not sure how much the voting public truly understands Simon the artiste. So sadly, I think the dude will be the first male to be eliminated in this competition.

But not next week, cos I think Fify will most certainly be leaving instead. The girl’s got a good voice, but like the judges keep pointing out, she’s too far away from being a star. And time is basically running out on her. While the rest have had some special moments to shout about, Fify’s been ordinary week in and week out. So, sayonara girl…

Nine was up next and while I hated the song he chose, “Karma”, the performance was slightly above average. But dude, here’s one thing you can work on: your FACE during critique time. Why do you have to look like the judges are talking in Greek? Smile dude, and try to look humble once in a while, ok?

And finally it was Esther’s turn who chose Maroon 5’s “Won’t Go Home Without You”. Everyone could see that Esther went for broke; changing the arrangement of the song and going wild with her showmanship. The judges loved it, but guess what, I totally hated it. Didn’t like the way her voice sounded on this song and I hated the merciless butchering of the melody.

But I think you should know by now that the judges handed her the immunity. Pah!

As I mentioned, there’s no doubt in my mind Fify will be going home next week, after which, the REAL competition will begin. And dear producers, please lah invite better guest judges ok? Thank you.

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