Monday, March 30, 2009

One In A Million 3 Top 7 Show Review

Finally, a guest judge with interesting stuff to say! Yes, Francesca Peter came, saw and didn’t put us to sleep this past OIAM3 episode. Woo-freakin-hoo.

But OK, let’s start from the top. As I had expertly predicted last week, Fify got the axe to the surprise of no one. And no, I do not want to talk about the weak elimination presentation yet again. Basically I’ve given up hope that it’ll ever be smooth and suspenseful. So on to the singing!
Immunity holder Esther came out first and did another guy song, this time choosing My Chemical Romance’s “I Don’t Love You”. Bold choice, I thought. And Esther even changed the whole arrangement of the tune, which was kind of creative. There was nothing wrong with her singing either. But, I simply HATED it.

Yeah I’m kinda biased since I love the original version by MCR, but Esther actually squeezed the soul out of the song lah. From an angsty masterpiece, it turned into, well, a singing competition mess. The baju also salah, and the taking off of the bracelet was lame. But did Syafinaz say she liked Esther’s version better? Gila ke apa?

Paul’s point was more valid, saying that the tune’s not mainstream enough and there’s doubt that the masses would appreciate the performance. Which means the Sabahan lass could wind up in the bottom three next week.

OK, I think three paras on Esther is quite enough, so on to the next performer, Rizu. And something curious actually happened right at this point. The host was actually positioned somewhere where we could actually see Esther rushing out and Rizu scampering in. Don’t think it was intentional so I hope no one got a memo from the big boss because of that.

Rizu picked “Naluri Lelaki” and to me it was quite a decent effort. But the judges seemed to hate it especially Paul. Not sure if there’s a bigger problem somewhere but Paul has been really hard on the dude. Which I don’t think he deserved most of the time. And please lah judges and hosts, stop calling him that “small/petite guy with the big voice”. We get it, OK?

Anyway, I thought Rizu did OK. And like Fran pointed out, the he’s got stage presence and personality; definitely assets that can take him far. In this particular competition, I think Rizu will be there at least till the Top 5 stage.

Someone who won’t be in the Top 5 stage I’m afraid is Simon. Yes, he’s a truly talented artiste, but is Brand Simon likeable enough to the voting public? His rendition of “Eternity” was slightly above average, but like Simon Cowell said on the past Idol episode, a contestant needs “a moment”. Something people will remember for quite a few days or weeks. Tomok has had his, Aweera as well. So, figure that one out dude.

Another guy I ‘m predicting to be in the Top 5 is Aweera, who performed next. And it’s rather obvious now that strategy is not the name of the game for him. The dude just wants to rock! Which he did with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. I mean, anyone who chooses this song must be a little nuts, but that’s exactly what’s gonna save Aweera from elimination for the next couple of rounds.

The resident singer/songwriter chick Amylea took the stage next with her own composition “Satu Dalam Sejuta”. And like the judges pointed out, the song’s rather decent, but it’s too laidback to make an impact. I’m not so sure myself if Malaysians would find that something to be proud out in this sort of competition. I can already imagine the office conversations:

Awek 1: Eh, Amylea OK jugak dalam OIAM hari tu.
Awek 2: Dia nyanyi lagu apa ek?
Awek 1: Er… entah. Dia cipta sendiri.
Awek 2: Ye ker… Tapi Aweera rock lah. Power giler nyanyi Metallica. Jom vote untuk dia.
Awek 1: Jom!

Nine meanwhile tried his best to bring the house down with Gigi’s “Nakal”…. but failed miserably. Although I do think the dude has been the best-dressed contestant so far. And the aweks above will no doubt be voting for him no matter what Paul says.

Finally it was down to Tomok. And the dude displayed sheer bravery by picking “Ingin Bersamamu”, Syafinaz’s own hit song! As far as I know, no one has ever covered this song cos it was tailor-made for Syafinaz’s unique vocals (yes, that’s an actual compliment from me to her).

But just like he did with Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”, Tomok nailed his own version of the song, which was boldly rearranged and even had distorted guitar! Guest judge Fran wasn’t too crazy about it though but Paul appreciated it, and even used the words “CRAZY ASS” to describe it. Ahem, can you even say those words on national TV?

Anyway, Syafinaz herself liked it and it was no big surprise that the immunity was awarded to Tomok again. Seriously, the dude is the strongest competitor of the lot, with sound musical knowledge and strategy.

And like I said at the very beginning of this review, guest judge Fran did a commendable job as well. She looked and sounded enthusiastic, and offered the contestants advice that wasn’t just about pitching.

So who will be eliminated next? For me, it’ll be a toss up between Amylea and Simon. Yes, boo hoo.

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