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One In A Million 3 Top 10 Show Review

So I think everyone would agree that this week’s show was miles better than the horror fest served up seven days ago. Song election was more sensible, and Paul Moss even wore a choker. A ratings booster for sure!

Of course the show started with the elimination process. I don’t know about you, but if there’s something hosts Awal and Marion could work on immediately, it is definitely this. I understand the need to keep everyone in suspense, but not like this lah…

Awal: Dan perserta yang tersingkir pada malam ni…
Marion: And the contestant going home tonight is…
Awal: Siapa agaknya?
Marion: Who will be going home tonight?
Awal: Dan perserta yang tersingkir… anda semua dah bersedia?
Marion: Are you ready?
Awal: Siapa agaknya akan tersingkir…
Marion: And the contestant going home tonight…

Aaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!!! And when the eliminated contestant’s name was finally announced, the mood music didn’t change at all, leaving everyone wondering if the announcement was actually the real deal.

Anyway, it was Labuan lass Han who got the least number of votes and exit the competition, but not before delivering a horrific rendition of “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thang”. Good riddance, I say.

On to the real show and it was last week’s immunity winner Amylea who was up first with, haha, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I mean, this is a song often chosen by those who wanna say: “lihatlah betapa bagusnya aku”. And like Paul said, she looked like a bloody mushroom with the overly-puffy sleeves on that ridiculous outfit. And unfortunately (or fortunately), 8TV experienced some “technical difficulties” with the audio and the home audience was treated to crackling sounds rather than Amylea’s vocals. But the performance sucked anyway, and without immunity, I can safely predict she’ll wind up in the bottom three once voting ends.

And oh, note to producer: check lah grammar on your supers. It should be “VOTING LINES WILL BE OPENED…”, not “VOTING LINES WILL BE OPEN…” ok?

Anyway, after Amylea’s show from dud-city, business considerably picked up. Nine dished out “Hapus Aku” with heart and style and I’m sure that got the OIAM female voting population all fired up… until stupid Anith later declared Nine already had a girlfriend. Hmm, perhaps that was a deliberate piece of strategy?

Fify sang Katy Perry’s “Hot & Cold” and did an okay job, while Simon shocked us somewhat by going with Saleem’s “Juwita”. It was weird seeing him without a guitar in hand, but the vocals were good as usual. The polo shirt he had on though was too plain and boring lah. Even Saleem used to rock some decent tops!

By this time as well, Mr Moss, Syafinaz and guest judge Jaclyn Victor were dishing out on-the-money comments with just the right amount of pretend feud. But can someone tell Syafinaz that it’s rather rude to call someone “orang tua”? I mean, Paul Moss is indeed old, but a subtler nickname would work better. Would Syafinaz, for example, find it funny if Paul were to call her “andartu”? Renung-renungkanlah.

Back to the performances, spoilsport Anith did a decent job with Kris Dayanti’s “Pilihlah Aku”, but it would have been better if the slut-effect was a few notches higher (I'm serious!). Up next was Rizu and I think dude did enough to avoid possible elimination next week. Still not a fan though.

Pija is looking good as a rock chick, but her “So What” left me asking just that – so what? Nothing incredible with the vocals and my interest was lost after 50 seconds or so into the performance. Which gave me the chance to crack open a packet of kerepek and brace myself for…

Aweera! After last week’s horror show, the rock kapak flag-flyer had to redeem himself big time with Jac’s “Gemilang”. And he did it with ease, I must say. I mean, like Jac herself said, got sumbang a bit that one time lah, but he passed the last note test with flying colours. Phew! Former immunity holder Esther then did justice to Macy Gray’s classic “I Try” with good voice control and a soulful feel. Too bad what she wore made her look more like a Loreal business development exec rather than an aspiring superstar.

And finally it came to Tomok’s turn. So here’s the frontman of a cheesy malay rock band who’s attempting to belt out Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”. “Is he nuts?” everyone asked when the songlist came out earlier in the week. But the dude rocked it from start to finish! Like Paul remarked, the vocals were average, but Tomok basically gave his haters the finger with this difficult number and more importantly, might have booked himself a place in the Top 5 that very night. And I’m not just saying this ‘cos I’ve written lyrics for him before and am still enjoying the royalty till today. Ahem.

The immunity though went to Aweera and I don’t think anyone will quarrel about that. As for my picks for the bottom three, well, it’s kinda easy – Amylea, Pija and Fify.

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Mima said...

Love your honest and straightforward review. :)

M.Zul said...

thanks mima!

Che Kay said...

Incik M.Zul tulis lirik lagu Tomok? wah.....apalah tajuk lagu itu? =)


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