Sunday, March 29, 2009

Formula One Australian GP "Live" Blogging!

I've switched over to ntv7 for the race and goodie, they've got the ITV commentary feed! But hmm, no James Allen. Just Martin Brundle and another dude.

Formation lap begins! My heart already pounding. Funny though seeing World Champ Lewis Hamilton right at the back...

Hmm, BrawnGP cars actually look good in lime green and white.

Lap 1
5 red lights, GOOOOOOOOO! Accident on first corner! Button us leading. Barrichello nowhere now. Kimi up to 5th! Smoking start!

Lap 2
So far a thrilling race. Puncture for Heidfeld! Kovalainen in the pits as well. Car looks terpeleot. Webber needs a new rear wing. Best giler! Ahh, Barrichello caused the accident. Bad, bad boy. To eager lah.

Lap 3
Kovalainen's the race's first retirement. McLaren having a dreadful weekend. Button is really fast, man!

Lap 4
Vettel is catching up on Button though. God, the Renault car looks damn ugly. Piquet resists Hamilton. But for how long?

Lap 5
Hamilton up to 10th, but Piquest still holding on to 9th. Button up 4.2secs over second place Vettel. Kimi fading a bit. Come on Kimi!

Lap 6
Hamilton now up to 6th. But he's got lesser fuel. Fooh, Button is still holding out in front. Commercial break pulak!

Lap 7
Kimi is slowing futher, holding up Rosberg and Barrichello.

Lap 9
Rosberg overtakes Kimi! Barrichello takes Kimi as well but knocks something out! Aiyo Kimi, why lah?

Kimi in the pit! Got problem is it? Must be the tyres. Massa being attacked pulak by Kubica and Rosberg.

Lap 11
Rosberg on a charge. That diffuser thingt looking good. Barrichello damn fast as well. Massa in the pit! Hamilton in the pit! Very early ain't it? But will it be an advantage later with the supersoft tyre phase out of the way?

Lap 12
Kubica in the pit. Supersoft tyres a big issue it seems. Button still majestic at the front with Vettel in second.

Lap 13
Fooh, Nakajima looking great as well in 5th. Oops, Barrichello losing pace now. Man, what a great race so far.

Lap 15
Still waiting for the leaders to pit and see how things shake out. OK, Vettel is now in. Long stop, 11.6secs.

Lap 16
Rosberg is in next. 21secs! Not good. Kimi returns favour to Rosberg!!! Kimi takes the position!

Lap 17
Button just had fastest lap. They're the real thing lah, Brawn GP.

Lap 18
Nakajima hits the wall! Safety car MUST come out. Is Button gonna lose his advantage? Barrichello in the pits. Long stop - 21.2secs! Almost bangs into another car in the lane. Button now in! 14secs!

Lap 19
Safety car finally comes out. More cars come into the pit. Don't really know who's leading. Toilet break!

Lap 20
OK, it's all set for a blistering re-start! 1. Button 2. Vettel 3. Massa 4. Kubica 5. Raikkonen...

Lap 23
All set for the re-start... Jeng jeng jeng... Oh, not yet. Safety car still out there!

Lap 24
OK, safety in THIS lap. Massa keeps locking his brakes. What's up lah dude. OK, they're slowing up. Button locks up. And here we go! Piquet knocked out! Top 5 still the same it seems. Safety car again? Don't think so. Hamilton up to 11th now. Alonso takes Glock.

Lap 27
Newbie Sebastien Buemi at a respectable 8th. Button builds on his lead, now up 2.1secs on Vettel.

Lap 31
Massa comes into the pit! A bit early ain't it? 10.9secs stop, OK lah. He's back in 13th now. Race is still tight and tense.

Lap 34
Kubica clocks the fastest lap, and hunting down Vettel. Exciting! Cars all look very reliable this season indeed.

Lap 38
Kubica finally in for 2nd pit stop. Kimi's in as well! Nice stop for both. Kimi's got some backmarkers to deal with now though. Hamilton up to 6th!

Lap 43
Hamilton in the pit. Good stop. Raikkonen in again? Hmm... And Massa is behind Hamilton? And

Lap 45
Kimi goes into the wall! But he's still alive it seems. Vettel in the pit and goes out to fight with Barrichello! Vettel holds Rubens off like a veteran. Caya lah.

Lap 46
Massa's got a problem. Looks like he's gonna retire. Garage ready to bring him in. Massa's limping and takes a shortcut. Button in for his stop. 13.2 secs. Not that great. But Button is still leading.

Lap 47
Massa looks pissed off. And euw, ugly goattee he has.

Lap 48
Rosberg clocks fastest lap. Kimi way back. Vettel catching up on Button. Cracking 10 laps up ahead!

Lap 50
Button still infront. Barricello comes in! Which means Kubica will be chasing Vettel and Button now. Brawn GP lloking good for some serious points today.

Lap 52
Top 3 cars just meters away from each other. Barrichello takes Rosberg for 4th!

Lap 54
Now Trulli takes Rosberg. He's got issues man. And Hamilton takes Rosberg next. Lewis is up to 7th! Producers, show us the top 3 lah!!!

Lap 55
Kubica hunting down Vettel. Contact! Vettel and Kubica come together!!! And Vettel and Kubica out!!! Aiya, amateurs!!!!! Barrichello up into 2nd. Safety car out! Bodohlah Kubica... Button is going to win the race!

Lap 56
Vettel says sorry to team. Haha! The race will finish under the safety car!

Lap 57
And guess what, Hamilton is 3rd!!! Vettel is still racing with bad tyres. What a sight.

Final lap
Vettel finally stops. Trulli is now 3rd? Rookie Buemi actually in 8th and is gonna score a point!

And Button wins with Barrichello in 2nd! Brawn GP chalks up a 1-2! It's nuts!!!! Trulli takes third and Hamilton in 4th. What a cracking race! Definitely going to Sepang next week!

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