Sunday, March 29, 2009

Formula One Australian GP "Live" Blogging!

Oh yes, I'm so pumped up for the new season that I've decided to live blog the first race! So much free time I have, haha!

Anyway, It's less than 15 minutes to go to the race and here are some of my early thoughts...

- Tony Fernandes opted out of F1 but now his idol Richard Branson is IN! Ironic ain't it?
- And what a sight it is to see Branson in the paddock. Dude's got a rockstar aura!
- Nicole scherzinger is nowhere in sight though. Fairweather girlfriend! Pah!
- ntv7 is the official broadcast partner this year, but not all the races will be carried 'live'. But when they are, switch over to ntv7!

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Dawn said...

yay zul, thanks!


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