Sunday, February 08, 2009

Retreat, But No Surrender

Haha, just couldn’t resist the catchy title lah. Anyway, amidst the unfriendly economic times, a bunch of us from the office got together for the annual management retreat in Kuantan these past few days. Not been to the Hyatt for a while but the place still looks grand and spiffy.

The agenda this time around is more relaxed tho. No more running around at 1am looking for numbers to put together business plans. Instead, the focus was more on the people and how to maximize resources during these tough times.

So the atmosphere was more chilled out the entire time. Although we did play a sort of War Games that had us walking in jungles and plantations and resisting terrorist attacks – all in the comfort of the ballroom lah : )

Food’s ok, not aplenty but with enough choices. And I managed to resisting piling my plate.

Until the barbecue dinner, that is…

And yes, our small internal band D’Kechewas was also given the opportunity to entertain the rest. Which turned out to be one happy karaoke session…

That ended when everyone sang – believe it or not – “We Are The World”. Overall, a fruitful and fun retreat with plenty of highlights to write home about…

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