Saturday, January 31, 2009

Malaysian Politicians STILL Say The Darndest Things!

The first one was a huge success (it dominated the MPH charts, I understand), so why not do a volume 2? But before I go any further, I have to formally state that I am terribly jealous of the book’s publisher and compiler, Amir Muhammad. Cos this is the sort of book I’ve always dreamt of publishing myself, and Amir’s done two bloody volumes already. Boring betul.

But let it be known that I have plans to launch a series of my own, tentatively called: “Amazing Sex Stories From Malaysia”, which will be a compilation of bizarre sex-related tales (duh) from this beloved country of ours. Yes, I’m so looking forward to dominating that MPH chart. So, hah!

Anyway, volume 2 of “Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things” is out now in stores and it’s a jolly good read. Especially since Yours Truly is indirectly one of the subject matters!

Page 50 quotes DPM Najib Tun Razak:

“The (newspaper) spoke of this and that position… and I’m not talking about positions during a football game or the (government’s) Middle East position.”

And the footnote says:

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak expressing his displeasure at a sex-filled edition of the Weekend Mail. The paper, which is normally associated with consumer causes, had been around for over a century but was trying to rebrand itself. Under the general heading ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, the front-page alone contained the phrases “Fetish Files”, “Pole Dancing Tips”, “Kinky Caked” and “Hooters!” The editor was then suspended.

My only sore point is that Amir never asked if I wanted my picture to be included. Dude, you owe me a 2-piece chicken set at Popeyes…

But peeps, buy the book! You can also order it online HERE


Amir said...

Hope you notice that the positions of 'This' and 'That' are meant to imitate '69' ;-)

Keep me informed of your book!

M.Zul said...

I did not! haha... thanks for being thoughtful anyway :)


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