Saturday, December 27, 2008

MZULKIFLI.COM Year In Review: February '08

Election fever officially begins when Pak Lah finally dissolves Parliament. Prominent blogger Jeff Ooi starts his campaign to be elected into Parliament and uses the internet to collect donations. Ooi instantly receives tons of money, most of it from Africans who inherit said money when their uncles pass away and now want Ooi to take it out from banks for a small fee. Ooi also receives plenty of breast enlargement offers which he politely turns down, saying: “I will only consider man-boobs if the voters insist on it.”

Ning Baizura marries a Mat Salleh divorcee by the name of Omar Christopher Layton Dalton Matthew Perry LeBlanc David Schwimmer Jerry Seinfeld Usain Bolt. When asked, Ning says she just calls him “Ujang”. The wedding itself is a unique affair when animals including goats, chickens, llamas, and the whole cast of ‘Meerkat Manor’ are brought into the banquet hall.

And for the second month in a row, Malaysia is rocked by another sex scandal, this time allegedly involving actress Ida Nerina. Ida denies it’s her doing the naughty in the widely circulated clip, but adds, “Even if it’s me, it’s obvious that I’m doing some workouts for the upcoming Amazing Race Asia.”

Meanwhile, a 25-year-old Malaysia Airlines co-pilot is convicted and fined in an Australian court for bringing in child pornography into the country. When passing the sentence, the magistrate firmly states that, “we will never condone the hideous culture of pirated porn. This can only happen when a Malaysian is involved.”

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