Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Next Big Thing

Well, more like OUR next Big Thing…

Here’s the story. Yours truly and a couple of other (really famous) guys are currently working on putting together… a movie!

It’s already at the screenplay writing stage and at as this moment, we’re already halfway thru. We’re also wearing the Executive Producer caps (chewah), which means this is no syok sendiri project.

The budget is already there, a couple of the actors have already said yes, and even the original music is in the works. Ain’t this damn exciting?

Of course you’re now wondering, what’s it all about? What genre? Is it going to have frontal nudity? Or at least, SOME nudity.

Well, it’s going to be a family movie, so no nudity. But male chest-baring might be there.

Genre? Rock ‘n roll comedy, dudes! With a rockin’ soundtrack. So a rockin’ good time is assured!

What was the inspiration? Well, it’s based on a real band. Sorta. Remember our Media Prima part time band, D’Kechewas?

Well, one day, at a TV pitching session, a light bulb flashed above my head. I then turned to D’Kechewas keyboard player Izham (who happens to be the CEO of 8TV) and said, “Let’s do a D’Kechewas TV series!”

Of course he laughed in my face. Quite a few others did as well.

But I didn’t give up. I started writing a simple storyline and the character bios. Izham suddenly became a believer. We pitched it there and then, and the feedback we got was surprising. “Do it as a movie!” the head honcho said.

Er, really? A movie?

We went back to work and a few months later, pitched it as a movie. And incredibly, we got the greenlight! Thanks to a cracking Powerpoint presentation by Izham.

So here we are now, reading “How To Write Sceenplay” books in between writing the damn thing. So far, so good.

And if everything goes according to plan, you’ll get to see it sometime next year. So watch this space and remember the name.

D’Kechewas. It’s gonna rock you.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding?!? Cant hardly wait for the end result.


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