Friday, November 21, 2008


Lucky for me, everywhere that I end up working, there’s always plenty of good places to eat. But still, after sometime, that “don’t know what to eat” problem will crop up. Normal lah right?

Anyway, here’s my typical week in lunch…

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. McD takeway.
When it gets too busy and there’s no time to think, I just head on down to the nearest McD (America’s 2nd greatest export after Pam Anderson) and order up a value meal. And I must say the Chicken McDeluxe is quite good. Almost finger lickin’ good.
makan makan

Aglia Oglio with Grilled Prawns. Pizza Uno.
This is quite a treat for myself lah. Pizza Uno serves THE BEST Oglio in the whole of Malaysia. Add a couple of big fat grilled prawns and you have the perfect meal. Only setback – the price tag lah. Can fill petrol go to Genting ok?
makan makan
Beef Set With Rice. Yoshinoya, One Utama.
Going Japanese without the sushi. The beef is excellent and the vege’s always fresh. With white rice, it’s a finely-balanced meal. Guilt free! Which means at night can eat a big fat greasy burger already :)

Texas Ted. 1901.
Another don’t-want-to-think option. Hotdog size is still pretty generous. And the iced-tea’s good as well.

Nasi Campur. Stall at Masjid TTDI.

Friday is always Mixed Rice Day. And the stall parked outside the TTDI mosque just before prayers serves up some excellent dishes. But I’m always late, so my favourite paru is usually gone. Fish, kentang and sambal belacan also oklah.


Anonymous said...

gambar JAJAN tak ada ke? or tak ada masa nak pergi beli JAJAN? ;) selalunya, u kan suka makan JAJAN.

MIMA ZOHDS said... you seem like a real foodie...

Anonymous said...

TMI, my fren.....but then, that's what blogs are for.


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