Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Faizal Tahir In Da House!

So last night we had the first ever GUAMUZIK Star Chat on And the honour of being the first artist to do the session went to Faizal Tahir! It started at 9.30pm sharp and lasted for a good hour. Overall, more than 100 chatters took part and aimed dozens of Qs at the very sporting Faizal. Some questions were good and relevant, while others were downright ridiculous. But everyone contributed to a very fun and lively session.

We also had a webcam installed which means the fans actually saw Faizal typing away his answers (while chewing gum, no less), and not some PR person posing as the artist. So I just wanna say thanks to Faizal for being such a good sport and to everyone who got online that night.

The next GUAMUZIK Star Chat session will be next Wednesday at 9.30 with Cheryl Samad. So mark your calendar now!

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