Monday, November 17, 2008

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Price of roti canai goes down by 10sen
Yeah, now we’re all on track to becoming millionaires again! Sheesh.

2. The Pregnant Man is pregnant again
Seriously, the end is near for all of us…

3. Carmen Electra to appear nude again in January Playboy
And I’m sure the article will be a blast!

4. John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston are dating again, it is revealed
Seriously John, you should write a book!

5. After dumping Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas swiftly dates actress Camilla Belle
Ah, an apparent John Mayer prodigy.

6. Michael Jackson finally sells off his Neverland ranch
The crime index in the US immediately drops 45%.

7. The Hard Rock Café KL re-opens!
But what, no free drinks? Pah!

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