Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kerana Karina 3 Launched!

Kerana Karina PCs have always been fun and lively affairs and today’s KK3 PC was no exception! Held at the Breeze Bistro at TTDI Plaza just a few hours ago, we were blessed once again by a good turnout from the press; from Mangga to Melodi – they all came, saw and will hopefully file in kick ass reports. : )

Almost all of the cast members were there too – Marsha, Sazzy, Roslan Aziz, Bell, Tunku Tiara and Norman Hakim. The gals were waiting for Alan Yun to turn up but the dude had another shoot to be at (boo hoo), while Chelsia's back in Penang (always balik kampung lah, this girl).

Of course the event started with a speech by yours truly, thanking everyone involved as well as our generous sponsors Kao Laurier. And for the record, this will be’s last drama project for the year and hopefully we’ll go out with a big bang.

A Kao Laurier rep also gave a speech during which the winner of the Mencari Kawan Karina (Search for Karina’s Friend) contest winner was announced. Wan Nurul Aini a UiTM undergrad won RM3,000 and can soon be seen in KK3. What a dream come true huh? The 2nd and 3rd prize winners took home RM2k and RM1k respectively but unfortunately, both of them couldn’t make it for the event.

The attendees were also treated to an exclusive viewing of the trailer and the first two episodes of KK3. The first episode especially is quite touching lah. And there’s some sort of a surprise in the following ep. And yeah, the contest winner can really act! Phew!

Overall, another good launch for the Kerana Karina brand. Everyone had fun and I can’t wait for the write-ups to come out and the season to start!

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