Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hi My Name Is Zul, And I'm A Magazine Addict... (Part II)

If you haven't read part one, click here. Anyway, I did mention that the reason it’s so hard for me to reduce the size of my mag collection considerably was the fact that in it, I do have a lot of Premier Issues and no-longer-in-print gems that might make me an e-bay millionaire someday. And here are just a few of the local ones…

weekendMy favourite local entertainment mag at that time (the 80s lah). I also launched my writing 'career' with the mag, submitting a few Letters to the Editor and got published every time. My favourite was a piece called “Prince Is The Best”, where I basically dissed Michael Jackson and boldly proclaimed that Prince was the better dancer.


Not to be confused with the gay rag from the US, this local Attitude was a mag for youths. And guess what, I was its “legal columnist”! I probably even stopped some people from committing crimes. You’re welcome.

Day From the publishers of FHM Malaysia, etc’s probably Malaysia’s juiciest entertainment rag. Ever. Such a pity it died as a women’s mag.
& Night

Popped up in the mid 90s and published by The Star. Day & Night was the KLUE of its day and had pretty decent food reviews. Main highlight though was the Editor’s Letter which was more of a dissin’ page with plenty of loaded and juicy goss that had nothing to do with the rest of the mag’s content.


Started out as a free mag at Tower Records and became a full-fledged non-complimentary mag soon after. It was the local Spin that delved deeper into music and elevated the local scene to heights never before seen in the late 90s. Apparently not really appealing to advertisers, had to close down after less than 5 years to the anguish of its loyal fanbase, including Yours Truly. ts


Local English sports mags have never done well. And Sports@ didn’t do any better when it was launched in the late 90s. People don’t really care about the serious side of sports here lah. Plus, there were hardly any bikini pictorials. Pah!

tv review

Published by the same folks who gave us Men’s Review (the original version), TV Review reviewed, um, TV shows and everything else connected to showbiz. Was really entertaining for its unconventional wit and humour. Had some pretty decent covers as well.

Journal OneA bigger-sized local Reader’s Digest, Journal One was probably ahead of its time and lasted at least 2 years longer than everyone expected it would. But some of my own better pieces of writing (ahem) can be found here, including a 2500-word story on Serial Killers. Yes, I was already an expert before Criminal Minds came along.
BB Club

The poor lad's FHM. Enuff said.
the web

Popped up during the dotcom boom. Went kaput after the dotcom bust.


Anonymous said...

Hey Judge. I wld like to read the articles that u wrote. How bout posting them in FB or something?

M.Zul said...

hello. that's exactly what i'm planning to do.. gimme time to type up everything manually tho :)


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