Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Coming Very Soon: Kerana Karina 3!

Yes, in less than a couple of weeks, the third (and probably final) season of Malaysia’s internet drama sensation Kerana Karina will be unleashed on GUA.

Who would have thought that something which started out as a “risky” project would become a trilogy with a legion of fans? Well, not me, at least.

But come 20th October, Karina and co will be hitting your screens yet again, and my only hope is for it to go out with a big bang.

As with the first two installments, I wrote the story for KK3. And it proved to be the hardest of the lot. If you recall, everything went against Karina in KK2; Imran died (no he won’t be coming back – I’ll never do a “Dallas”!), Sherina and Jenn left for London and Boy also almost lost his life.
Kerana Karina 3

So, how does Karina pick herself up after all of THAT? Does she return to showbiz? Will she find a new love? What about her friends; could they ever forgive her? So many big questions, which I hope I’ve effectively addressed in the storylines in KK3.

Anyway, obviously Marsha returns as Karina in KK3. Sazzy, Chelsia, Roslan Aziz, Bell Norman Hakim, and Tunku Tiara as well. Another name from Season 1 makes a comeback, Alan Yun. Exciting already, right?

The PC will be on the 14th, where the winner of the MENCARI KAWAN KARINA contest will also be announced. The girl wins RM3,000 courtesy of Kao Laurier and you’ll also see her in KK3.
Kerana Karina 3

Will naturally post the glam pics from the PC, so do watch this space. Meantime, for more KK3 updates, just click HERE.

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