Thursday, October 30, 2008

MyBroadband & Bill Bora's Open House

Not that the two are directly related, but they were on my agenda this past Tuesday. The former's an exhibition and conference held by MCMC at the KL Convention Centre, and Alt Media was there to showcase all of our online products. And oh yeah, I actually put on a tie for it : )

And on the way back, I stopped by at Great Eastern Mall for Bill Bora's Raya Open House. For the uninitiated, Bill Bora is a publicist extraordinaire who knows basically everyone in the local entertainment industry. He's also done a couple of fashion commentary shows on GUA and the guy's a riot!

Didn't stay around for too long, but I did manage to snap a couple of pics...

Natasha Hudson and baby

Marsha in a Kebaya

Johan & Nora

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heboh in Miri!

It rained most of the time this time around, but that didn't damper the spirits of Mirians at the Karnival Jom Heboh this past weekend.

Hundreds of thousands thronged to the Boulevard Mall to join in the festivities and I think they went home satisfied. Especially since GUA.COM.MY was also there.

As usual, the main activity for us was member registration, and the response was pretty good. And we also had games where exclusive merchadise like the KK3 Calendar, mugs, T-shirts and KK DVDs were given away.

But the real star at our booth was the star of Kerana Karina, Marsha, herself. The girl was just bubbly throughout and got the people to join the the games where they had to do some really ridiculous things. Haha!

Marsha also signed autographs and took pictures with her fans who literally jam-packed the GUA booth.

The second day also saw AF star Aizat making a visit. He sang a couple of songs and got the girls (especially) screaming for more.

Overall, a good outing for GUA and definitely we'll be coming back next year. Cos you know, I just have to have my mee kolok lah...

For more pics, pls click HERE

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KERNA - Kerana Karina 3 Theme Song

Of course there had to be a theme song! And the even better news is, you can download it for FREE at guamuzik! Offer lasts for 7 days, starting today. All you have to do is click HERE...

(Lagu tema Kerana Karina 3)

Dulu, ketika
Masih menanti
Yang indah, jelma
Bagaikan ilusi

Suara hati ini, ia memanggil
Hanyamu yang menyambut, tak ku lupa

Kerna ku, kau tempuh yang keruh
Kerna ku, kau korban, (langsung) tiada soalan
Kerna mu, berubah semua
Kerna mu, ku temu kekuatan (yang) sejati

Dulu, ku lemah
Tiada arah
Yang ada, luka
Tiada hujungnya

Sentuhanmu oh sayang, sering ku nanti
Di situlah bahagia, yang ku hargai


Bagaikan hanya semalam
Kau bisik ungkapan begitu indah
Ku di awangan

Akhirnya di takdir jua
Bertemu akan penghujungnya
Bukan mudah ‘tuk ku rela

Oh rindunya, pedihnya
Kau tiada, selamanya

Repeat Chorus

Artis: Marsha Londoh
Lagu: Audi Mok
Lirik: M. Zulkifli

Friday, October 24, 2008

Raya Sakan Lagi!

Media Prima usually knows how to throw a good event, and yesterday’s Raya Open House was no exception. The food was great, the sights and sounds were fantastic, and the atmosphere was simply mercun hot electric.

As usual, each dept/company had to put out a thematic stall with most naming theirs after the more popular shows.

Alt Media was grouped under the CEO and Chairman’s office and this time around, we served up Nasi Arab!

And in case you’re wondering, it tastes awesome okay? But that didn’t stop me from going round and sampling just about everything else, from lemang and rendang, to lamb chops and cupcakes, to pasembor and ABC. BURP…

And of course it wouldn’t be a Media Prima party without tons of artistes and celebs. So we also had the likes of Faizal Tahir, Jac, Ayu, Nita, Jay Jay, Nubhan, Shila and loads more to entertain the staff, management and clients well into the evening…

From left: 8TV CEO Ahmad Izham, Me, "Mr Cannes" Tengku Iesta
From left: Media Prima Chairman Dato' Mutalib, Me, Big Tree COO Azlan & nvt7 CEO Dato' Anthony

My Alt Media peep

Friday, October 17, 2008

Raya Sakan!

So we had a Raya foodfest today at the office and it was definitely a delicious do. Everyone had to literally bring something to the table, which meant when all the loot was collected, we had lodeh, lemang, ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang, cakes, pizza (!), snacks, air bandung, fancy currypuffs, kuih cornflakes, batang buruk and much more. So, good job guys!

And yes, I finally got my laksa Johor. Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kerana Karina 3 Launched!

Kerana Karina PCs have always been fun and lively affairs and today’s KK3 PC was no exception! Held at the Breeze Bistro at TTDI Plaza just a few hours ago, we were blessed once again by a good turnout from the press; from Mangga to Melodi – they all came, saw and will hopefully file in kick ass reports. : )

Almost all of the cast members were there too – Marsha, Sazzy, Roslan Aziz, Bell, Tunku Tiara and Norman Hakim. The gals were waiting for Alan Yun to turn up but the dude had another shoot to be at (boo hoo), while Chelsia's back in Penang (always balik kampung lah, this girl).

Of course the event started with a speech by yours truly, thanking everyone involved as well as our generous sponsors Kao Laurier. And for the record, this will be’s last drama project for the year and hopefully we’ll go out with a big bang.

A Kao Laurier rep also gave a speech during which the winner of the Mencari Kawan Karina (Search for Karina’s Friend) contest winner was announced. Wan Nurul Aini a UiTM undergrad won RM3,000 and can soon be seen in KK3. What a dream come true huh? The 2nd and 3rd prize winners took home RM2k and RM1k respectively but unfortunately, both of them couldn’t make it for the event.

The attendees were also treated to an exclusive viewing of the trailer and the first two episodes of KK3. The first episode especially is quite touching lah. And there’s some sort of a surprise in the following ep. And yeah, the contest winner can really act! Phew!

Overall, another good launch for the Kerana Karina brand. Everyone had fun and I can’t wait for the write-ups to come out and the season to start!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Need Lyrics!

Writing lyrics for the new Kerana Karina theme song... and just a couple more lines to go. HELP! (But no, you won't be getting any credit for any lines you might come up with).

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Coming Very Soon: Kerana Karina 3!

Yes, in less than a couple of weeks, the third (and probably final) season of Malaysia’s internet drama sensation Kerana Karina will be unleashed on GUA.

Who would have thought that something which started out as a “risky” project would become a trilogy with a legion of fans? Well, not me, at least.

But come 20th October, Karina and co will be hitting your screens yet again, and my only hope is for it to go out with a big bang.

As with the first two installments, I wrote the story for KK3. And it proved to be the hardest of the lot. If you recall, everything went against Karina in KK2; Imran died (no he won’t be coming back – I’ll never do a “Dallas”!), Sherina and Jenn left for London and Boy also almost lost his life.
Kerana Karina 3

So, how does Karina pick herself up after all of THAT? Does she return to showbiz? Will she find a new love? What about her friends; could they ever forgive her? So many big questions, which I hope I’ve effectively addressed in the storylines in KK3.

Anyway, obviously Marsha returns as Karina in KK3. Sazzy, Chelsia, Roslan Aziz, Bell Norman Hakim, and Tunku Tiara as well. Another name from Season 1 makes a comeback, Alan Yun. Exciting already, right?

The PC will be on the 14th, where the winner of the MENCARI KAWAN KARINA contest will also be announced. The girl wins RM3,000 courtesy of Kao Laurier and you’ll also see her in KK3.
Kerana Karina 3

Will naturally post the glam pics from the PC, so do watch this space. Meantime, for more KK3 updates, just click HERE.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hi My Name Is Zul, And I'm A Magazine Addict... (Part II)

If you haven't read part one, click here. Anyway, I did mention that the reason it’s so hard for me to reduce the size of my mag collection considerably was the fact that in it, I do have a lot of Premier Issues and no-longer-in-print gems that might make me an e-bay millionaire someday. And here are just a few of the local ones…

weekendMy favourite local entertainment mag at that time (the 80s lah). I also launched my writing 'career' with the mag, submitting a few Letters to the Editor and got published every time. My favourite was a piece called “Prince Is The Best”, where I basically dissed Michael Jackson and boldly proclaimed that Prince was the better dancer.


Not to be confused with the gay rag from the US, this local Attitude was a mag for youths. And guess what, I was its “legal columnist”! I probably even stopped some people from committing crimes. You’re welcome.

Day From the publishers of FHM Malaysia, etc’s probably Malaysia’s juiciest entertainment rag. Ever. Such a pity it died as a women’s mag.
& Night

Popped up in the mid 90s and published by The Star. Day & Night was the KLUE of its day and had pretty decent food reviews. Main highlight though was the Editor’s Letter which was more of a dissin’ page with plenty of loaded and juicy goss that had nothing to do with the rest of the mag’s content.


Started out as a free mag at Tower Records and became a full-fledged non-complimentary mag soon after. It was the local Spin that delved deeper into music and elevated the local scene to heights never before seen in the late 90s. Apparently not really appealing to advertisers, had to close down after less than 5 years to the anguish of its loyal fanbase, including Yours Truly. ts


Local English sports mags have never done well. And Sports@ didn’t do any better when it was launched in the late 90s. People don’t really care about the serious side of sports here lah. Plus, there were hardly any bikini pictorials. Pah!

tv review

Published by the same folks who gave us Men’s Review (the original version), TV Review reviewed, um, TV shows and everything else connected to showbiz. Was really entertaining for its unconventional wit and humour. Had some pretty decent covers as well.

Journal OneA bigger-sized local Reader’s Digest, Journal One was probably ahead of its time and lasted at least 2 years longer than everyone expected it would. But some of my own better pieces of writing (ahem) can be found here, including a 2500-word story on Serial Killers. Yes, I was already an expert before Criminal Minds came along.
BB Club

The poor lad's FHM. Enuff said.
the web

Popped up during the dotcom boom. Went kaput after the dotcom bust.


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