Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Singgah Sahur Rocks!

So on Sunday night, I went on an exciting and pretty enlightening trip with the SINGGAH SAHUR crew. For the clueless, Singgah Sahur is a show already into its fourth season on TV3 that follows the journey of its crew and guests to different locations to actually wake people up for sahur during Ramadhan!

Yup, over the years, many unsuspecting people have woken up at 3am only to see the face of a TV personality staring at them with "air liur basi" still dripping from the side of their mouths (the “victims”, not the celebs). Coolness.

And on Sunday, I was invited to be part of the entourage to do exactly that in and around the Klang Valley as part of the “management” quota. : )

With Media Prima chairman Dato’ Mutalib leading the pack, we left Sri Pentas at 10.30pm after a short briefing by the show’s host Ally Iskandar.

First stop: Restoran Ayam Kampung somewhere in Damansara Perdana. A “5-minute” stop stretched out quite a bit when everyone started digging into the Nasi Ayam Kampung and found it irresisitible. And sincere thanks to the folks from the joint who sponsored the food for us to distribute to our upcoming victims, I mean, recipients.

The next stop was Putrajaya where we were to surprise the cast and crew of the TV3 drama “Kasih Iftitah”. And after getting a tad lost, we finally reached the exact location. I must say Putrajaya looks pretty spectacular at 1am, but boy, I can’t imagine how much they have to fork out for electricity bills every month seeing how many light bulbs there were to light up pretty much empty spaces...

Among the stars who were there to greet us were Zizie Ezette, Julia Ziegler and GUA's “old friend” Norman Hakim.

We stayed a bit and witnessed a scene being shot before leaving for the next stop: Dengkil.

The journey to Dengkil was rather smooth until we had to go through a stretch of dirt road, which also constituted the most adventure I’ve had these past couple of years…

We reached the Pondok Bustamil Ariffin in one piece and got a very warm reception. The Pondok is a rehabilitation centre for those with various problems (medical and social) seeking treatment the Islamic way.

It was a real opener going into the “pondoks” where they lived. Conditions were less than perfect to say the least and I made a mental note to remind everyone I knew the next day of how blessed we’re all truly are. Nevertheless, the look on the kids’ faces when we woke them up for sahur was simply priceless. Plus, we were waking them up some 2 hours before they’re usually asked to get up. Sorry!

And after everyone was up, we congregated at the dining “hall” and had sahur “talam” style.

We left leaving everyone with smiles on their faces, which was simply a great feeling. Next stop: The Balai Bomba in Section 15 Shah Alam.

By this time I was only a quarter awake and believe it or not, this leg of the journey took close to an hour! We reached there close to 5am and after handing over the Carrefour hampers, our job was done.

Red eyes and all, we rejoiced, had a quick drink at a nearby mamak and made our way back to Sri Pentas. No doubt the 8-hour trip was a tad tiring, but I can tell you it was all worth it. Would I do it again? Err… Umm… Err…

Catch Singgah Sahur on TV3 every Friday 12.30am throughout this Ramadhan

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