Friday, September 12, 2008

Amazing Anniversary!

Oh what an anniversary it turned out to be! We promised a great do, and I think we more than delivered. But what a bummer I only have pre-event pics now. Will post up event snaps as soon as I get my hands on 'em.

Anyway, for starters, the whole set-up at Nelayan Restaurant looked grand yet so very warm. And guess what? We had a more than full turnout! Which was just simply awesome for us.

And although there were other Buka Puasa dos all around town at the same time, we were definitely not lacking in star power. Emceeing the event were Ahmad Fedtri of Malaysia Hari Ini and Melissa Maureen, star of GUA's latest drama, Ceraiya.

And among the celebs who were in the house included Farah Asykin, Imran Ajmain, Akasia, Infinatez (who all performed a couple of songs each), Norman Hakim, Aziz M Osman, stars of Luna Fantasiku, Aishah Sinclair, Chelsia Ng, Douglas Lim, Iz OIAM, Riz Ainuddin and Nabil Zamanhuri. And of course my Media Prima peeps were also in the house!

Guests were given goodie bags which had the latest 'GUA Dah Setahun' T-shirt and a special GUA mug, while there was also a special appreciation presentation for members of the media.

We also had children from Persatuan Anak-Anak Yatim Kg Medan who added to the kemeriahan of the event. And of course, some 40 GUA members also turned up as promised and I'm pretty sure they had the time of their lives.

Lucky drawas were also part of the agenda and we gave away a camera, DVD players, and a 40" LCD Samsung TV!

I've got no more fuel in the tank at this point in time, but man, it was all worth it. Thanks again to all who came and made it a memorable evening. GUA dah setahun beb!

PS: Looks like Sensasi Selebriti already has a post on the event. Click HERE to read. Check out members' pics HERE.

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Riz said...

great event! digg your t-shirt and mug. and lucky to get away with a digicam. cheers!


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