Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NewMan No More?

So it was the hottest industry goss that I heard last week. That men's magazine NewMan is closing shop. To be exact, NewMan Singapore. Not sure what's gonna happen to NewMan Malaysia, but seeing how a lot of the editorial content of the local NewMan comes from Singapore, I'd be surprised to still see it in the stands these next couple of months.

Created in Singapore, I think the brand had a good run. Of course it was yours truly who had a hand in the launch of the Malaysian edition some 5 years back, and it was indeed a proud moment for me.

With the tagline "Because Guys Grow Up", NewMan was targetted towards dudes who're not only into beer, boobs and other blatantly sexist fare. Haha! And it was quite a challenge for me to produce such elegant and mature stuff while refraining from using terms such as "schlong" and "puppies". (It's harder that you could imagine, I can assure you)

But NewMan worked 'cos it was the direct opposite to FHM and thus gave advertisers a worthy alternative. And you know what, NewMan even outlasted other wannabes such as "Chrome" and "Plan B".

And working for the mag was quite a blast for me, save for the part where we had to deal with our puzzlingly arrogant counterparts in Singapore. Ah well, must have been something in their water.

Thought of doing My 5 Favourite NewMan moments, but realised that I've actually done the piece before. So click here to read it.


rizal hashim said...

Tuan, I bought a copy last month because of its interview with Titus James, the keepy uppy wonder boy who apparently is seeking PR in France....the mag will be missed

M.Zul said...

yeah, they've always had interesting interviews. my own personal fave was when i got to sit down with Ian Wright at Mandarin Oriental. we even ruined some of hotel's plants for the sake of a good picture :)


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