Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Meh?

So I know that everyone's been basically bitchin' about how there's no real Merdeka feel this year for whatever reason. And I have to agree even more after a trip to MidValley earlier today. At one of the biggest malls in the country, I counted there were only four Merdeka buntings on display. FOUR! And there was some sort of Merdeka-themed art exhibition at the Gardens next door. Pfft.

The stores basically made no effort to raise any sort of Merdeka mood, and the word itself was used in only one context: MERDEKA SALE.

Me, I bought a few CDs (including Metallica's ...And Justice For All) and the Ron Jeremy biography at Borders. Happy Merdeka everyone!

PS: Last year I wrote a much cheery piece in conjunction with Merdeka titled "30 Coolest Things About Malaysia/Being Malaysian". Click here to read it

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