Monday, August 18, 2008

GUAMuzik & One Stop Music Collaborate!

So last Friday, a signing ceremony between GUAMuzik and One Stop Music (OSM) took place at the theatrette in Sri Pentas.

OSM is considered as the "fifth major" (after Universal, EMI, Warner, Sony BMG), and they represent some 47 local music labels. With this collaboration, GUAMuzik would have at least another 100,000 songs in our library.

And most importantly, GUAMuzik would now have more Chinese and Tamil songs, apart from Malay tunes, current and from yesteryears. We would even have tracks in Iban and Kadazan pretty soon as well!

As usual, my kata-kata aluan...

With OSM chairman Ng Chong Hock
"Look! We have thumbs!"

Several artistes were also in the house including Farawahida, Suhana, Duta band, John, Desiree, Leon...

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