Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CERAIYA Launched!

So a few hours ago,’s latest drama, Ceraiya, was launched at Restoran Rebung (co-owned by our Dato’ astronaut and Chef Ismail) in Bangsar.

Just as it has these past couple of days, it poured heavily here in KL in the early afternoon and it remained wet till evening. But poor weather or not, the turnout for the launch was pretty respectable.

Tony Eusoff was the first of the stars to arrive, fully decked in all-new light purple baju melayu (which was the dress code) complete with sampin and songkok. Apparently Tony had another set of baju in the car but actually went to a mall just before the launch to get himself all new gear just for Ceraiya. Thanks dude!

And whaddyaknow? Tony’s co-star, newlywed Melissa Maureen arrived minutes later wearing a purple outfit as well! A cute coincidence you might say : )

Anyway, the launch had all the necessary ingredients – Q&A, photo op, my speech – and went really well overall. And the food was absolutely fabulous. So if you’ve not been to Rebung before, make a reservation for buka puasa next week!

But before I proceed to the pictures, a quick synopsis. Niki (Melissa) and KP (Tony) are newlyweds who already HATE each other after only 3 months. And as the title suggests, they decide to get a divorce on the eve of Ramadhan. But when that doesn’t happen, the unhappy couple has to endure the whole balik kampung journey together, perhaps for the very first and last time...

Ceraiya, co-produced by KL Motion Picture, debuts on GUA on the first day of Ramadhan (1st September) with new episodes coming on every Monday-Friday for 3 consecutive weeks.

Okay, now on to more pictures!

Me & Tony

Group photo - normal

Group photo - with (fake) action

Q&A + Doa

The director, "Chunk" - who's actually my jr in uni

Read more about CERAIYA here, here, here, here

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dawn jeremiah said...

good stuff! and hey, chunk played the coach of my opposing netball team in hooperz! and is that kye on the far left? coolness


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