Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yes, It's One Of THOSE Days...

I don't know, maybe it's poor planning, coincidence or the universe having a good laugh, but it's the sort of day that keeps repeating itself over and over again.

So today, I have to complete some lyrics, QC some very important videos, write a speech, chair a meeting, attend ANOTHER meeting and by the end of the day, launch a drama.

Oh what drama... But it'll be a breeze (as usual).


Anonymous said...

My...don't we have an activity-packed day ahead of us?

How would u even have the insipiration to write lyrics when u're having such a flustering day?

Can't delegate to keep it sane?

M.Zul said...

oh, inspiration got already. just need to write the words down :)

how to delegate lah, all also I have to do, cos it'll be my head at the end of the day. haha


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