Thursday, July 10, 2008

Luna Fantasiku Launched!

Luna Fantasiku – is that a great title or what? And you can bet that the drama itself will be something special. It is after all, Aziz M. Osman’s first ever online drama.

Yes, THE Aziz M. Osman. Never thought that all those years back when I was watching that masterpiece of a movie, Fenomena, we would eventually be collaborating on a project. But here we are, and this being a first for Aziz, who’s done tons of successful stuff for the small and silver screens, makes the project even sweeter.

Anyway, the launch and PC was held on Tuesday at The Apartment at the Curve. And the press turnout was good as usual. Well done, team!

What’s also special about Luna is that Aziz had sought out fresh new faces to introduce to the market. And the lead actress, Miera Leyana, is only 15-years-old! Can be our own Miley Cyrus lah!
luna fantasiku

Nana (as she likes to be called) plays the title character Luna, who is this dude Midus’s (played by Ahmad Sakhee) fantasy gal. Midus is a comic illustrator who’s just broken up with his gal Sarah (played by Scha who’s also in our guamuzik TVC). He dreams of meeting a gal just like Luna of Final Fantasy, his favourite anime.

Midus then bumps into this Luna lookalike, and that’s when the line between fantasy and reality blurs.

To make the story even more exciting, Aziz incorporated some of his famed special effects. A first for GUA, really. Some scenes were also shot in Singapore.

So expect to see a quirky and offbeat rom-com with elements of fantasy, anime and cyber dating thrown in. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun already?

Luna Fantasiku debuts on GUA this Friday (11th July) and you can catch new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To read more, click here and here. For more pics, click here.


Hilmy said...

wah..didnt know that u were a magistrate before man..:) -hilmy

Anonymous said...

4 da ost song in dis drama?


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