Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Daughtry, Baby!

It was a last minute thing, but I managed to blag a ticket for the Traffic Jam Street Party with Daughtry at Central Park Avenue, One Utama just a couple of hours ago. Thanks to Yovein and Sher. You guys rock!

But by the time I got the Central Park around 9.15pm, a couple of warm-up acts had already done their sets. And it felt at that time that the whole place kinda lacked atmosphere. Probaby it was still early and a steady light drizzle was subduing things a little.

But the VIP tent was a pretty cool setup. Pretty spacious and offered the best seats at the venue. VIPers also had the option of moving straight to the front of the stage, which was where I was parked for most of the night.

And oh yeah, apart from the regular finger foods, the good people of Sony Ericsson also served up Starbucks coffee and mee hoon (a controlled item these days, mind you)...

And hour later, the warm up acts were still playing. And while Daniel Lee and the Stylistiks are great performers in their own right, it simply felt like they were at the wrong party lah. People wanted to rock and what they got was Sean Kingston remixes instead...

By 10.30, the crowd was getting a little antsy and even cheered for the amp covers being taken off. Indeed, the set-up guys were pretty popular...

At 11 sharp, it was finally time to rock out with the man Daughtry himself. Woo hoo! The sound was pretty good and the energy of the whole band was above average.

Overall, Chris and co delievered almost all the tracks on their debut CD with a couple of new tunes thrown in. The dude can sing, but probably needs to brush up on the crowd interaction bit.

50 mins into the set, they called it a nite but after (somewhat enthusiastic) chants of "We want more!" Daughtry returned for an encore which included the monster hit "Home"...


Overall, it was a straight-forward power-packed performance devoid of any gimmicks. But I don't think anyone was complaining...

* Download Daughtry tunes by clicking here

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