Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Honestly, I never thought the debate between Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Info Minister would ever take place. But it did. And it was a really good watch. Almost as good as all those Obama v Clinton debates I watched a couple of months back.

And here are the top 2 things I learnt from last night's debate:

1. Always, always have a handkerchief with you
2. Our tranportation system sucks because Venezuela has very high inflation (yeah, I don't get it either)

But if you missed the show, it's currently available on the TV3 and TV9 portals. So click HERE or HERE to watch.

1 comment:

Hj Irlan said...

At first, I thot shabery kena sawan or something.

Apa2 pun Shabery is no contest to Anwar. Should have been Anwar vs Pak Lah, barulah buku bertemu ruas. Pak Lah is not only smart, but a good speaker too. I love Pak Lah and Kerajaan Barisan Nasional.... muahhhhh!


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