Saturday, July 12, 2008

Belangkas Anyone?

So during Karnival Jom Heboh in JB I was introduced to a number of Tunku Tiara's family members, who're no doubt a friendly lot. They were at the GUA booth to support Tiara, and I was soon invited to their own gerai which was located at one of the Rumah Limas on the other side of Danga Bay.

It was called "Promosi Makanan Melayu Johor & Santapan Kerabat Johor", organised by Persatuan Zuriat Ungku Mohd Khalid, JB and what got my curiosity peaked was the presence of belangkas on the menu. "You should try it. I don't eat it myself, but you should try it," said one of Tiara's aunt, YM Tunku Jacky.

And so when break time came, Johan (Nawawi) and I marched over to the Rumah Limas, and ordered a number of things, including the famed belangkas. Tiara's dad YM Tunku Hassan also joined us and sold us on the belangkas as well, which looked like this...

Did it taste like chicken? Well, not really. The only edible part was in fact the eggs, and it tasted more like turtle eggs, but with a harder texture, of course. And after a few suapan, it started to taste quite good really. YM Tunku Hassan told us that the belangkas is much sought-after now and its blood goes for ridiculously high prices due to its medicinal values. But I'll settle for the eggs, thank you.

What else did we have? Well, I simply couldn't pass on some nice 'ol Laksa Johor. True blue Johorean I am, and damn proud of it... : )

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