Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Is Singapore?

So here’s the story. I wasn’t really paying attention when the reservations were made, and only realized just how far the hotel we were booked at for Broadcast Asia when we actually touched down at Changi Airport.

“Holy Freakin’ Merlion Batman! Can the hotel BE any further from the city?” was what I thought as the taxi trudged through the “outback” to eventually offload us at the Changi Village Hotel.

But to be fair, the hotel itself was a rather pleasant and elegant establishment. And being on the executive floor made the deal even sweeter. Free Toblerone mah! : )

But still, this was an area in Singapore I've never really explored and it did feel like a million miles away (a $20 cab ride, actually) from civilization (read: Takashimaya).

Anyway, Changi Village turned out to be a slice of paradise complete with a beach and plenty of snap-inducing sights. And it was also no surprise that even in the remotest of ‘ceruks’, the streets are clean and the trees are all green and alive.

A ferry terminal sits nicely by a lagoon and a steady stream of people could be seen hopping on boats to get to nearby islands. Not to Middle Rocks though, hah!

The beach itself is pretty decent. I was searching for cigarette butts on the sand but couldn’t find any. Should send some of their people over to PD.

And yes, Singaporeans do partake in activities outside of malls.

And in case you somehow forget where you were, there are plenty of signs to remind you that this is in fact a “fine” place…

Of course, a place wouldn’t be a “slice of paradise” without good food to boast, which I accidentally stumbled upon while checking out the wet market. changi village

And peeps, Ayam Penyet rules! What made the whole dish even more memorable was the super spicy yet sweet homemade sambal. We actually ordered “ayam tambah” which resulted in us being left behind by the shuttle to the airport. But it was well worth it.
changi village

So the next time I think of a beach holiday, Changi Village will definitely be on the list, believe it or not…


Anonymous said...

Hey, glad that you found another aspect of the red dot. They did plenty lately to spruce up the Changi area cos I (an islander) can't even recognize it when I went there couple of months back. Anyways, so you know, the type of activity they have at night around that area is very different from whats happening during the daytime. The ayam penyet stall still rules at night but who goes there......(jeng, jeng, jeng)

M.Zul said...

hey, YES the night activities are "interesting". Didn't expect to see it, and didn't even know it until my taxi driver mentioned it :) But whatever the case, AYAM PENYET RULES!

Anonymous said...

i'll say AYE to AYAM PENYET! if u feel like having ayam penyet and yet u're here in Selangor, look for Warung Ayam Penyet at The Curve Mutiara Damansara. Not exactly as good as Changi Village but hey.. worth a try. u might like it boss. :)


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