Monday, June 02, 2008


Dudes, check out these superb pics snapped by Supergig official photog Fendi...

Lan of Meet Uncle Hussain

Nabil - the dude can really dance!

The first time collabo of Karen Kong and Altimet. And they clicked!
They definitely came to rock

Ella with Rama-Rama

Hosts Cheryl and Awal. Great job, guys!

Emmett was in his element...

He even crashed the crowd!

Tunku Tiara with Tiada Sekali

Andy Flop Poppy

Pacai the musician/composer is now PACH, the solo artiste

Faizal, seconds before going onstage

A rare duet

The end

For more pics, click here

1 comment:

imborntosingsongs said...

Morning Zulkifli!!!!

I pun nak perform my english and malay single for Gua jugak! Jealous giler! I will be on MHI this Thursday so dont forget to catch that okay???

Also I tried to find the full song Tiara sang.... where is it? Will there be Kerana Karina 3? Can I audition for the show? I want to do character yg sombong, or spoilt brat ke kalau ada :-p likey likey...

Cheers and enjoy your day!


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