Monday, June 23, 2008

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. The Osmonds in Genting
And almost 8,000 people turned up. Not bad for an act that first emerged during the Roman era…

2. Burger King to launch 95GBP big-ass burger
Talk about price hikes, huh?

3. Ronaldo and Fergie feud
Hey Ronnie, you really wanna get on the old man’s nerves? Hook up with a Spice Girl now!

4. 50 Cent refuses to change name to 79, 89, 99 Cent for Taco Bell ad
I mean, did they actually think he’d settle for anything less than 1.99???

5. Jamie Lynn Spears and fiancé Casey Aldridge get baby girl
And name her Maddie Briann. Goodd Luckk kids!

6. Portugal player Deco's new gal revealed
Her name's Ana Paula. And this is what she looks like...

7. David Beckham appears in new underwear ad
"I was quite uncomfortable," he revealed. What's so uncomfortable about a few more million bucks in the bank?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Is Singapore?

So here’s the story. I wasn’t really paying attention when the reservations were made, and only realized just how far the hotel we were booked at for Broadcast Asia when we actually touched down at Changi Airport.

“Holy Freakin’ Merlion Batman! Can the hotel BE any further from the city?” was what I thought as the taxi trudged through the “outback” to eventually offload us at the Changi Village Hotel.

But to be fair, the hotel itself was a rather pleasant and elegant establishment. And being on the executive floor made the deal even sweeter. Free Toblerone mah! : )

But still, this was an area in Singapore I've never really explored and it did feel like a million miles away (a $20 cab ride, actually) from civilization (read: Takashimaya).

Anyway, Changi Village turned out to be a slice of paradise complete with a beach and plenty of snap-inducing sights. And it was also no surprise that even in the remotest of ‘ceruks’, the streets are clean and the trees are all green and alive.

A ferry terminal sits nicely by a lagoon and a steady stream of people could be seen hopping on boats to get to nearby islands. Not to Middle Rocks though, hah!

The beach itself is pretty decent. I was searching for cigarette butts on the sand but couldn’t find any. Should send some of their people over to PD.

And yes, Singaporeans do partake in activities outside of malls.

And in case you somehow forget where you were, there are plenty of signs to remind you that this is in fact a “fine” place…

Of course, a place wouldn’t be a “slice of paradise” without good food to boast, which I accidentally stumbled upon while checking out the wet market. changi village

And peeps, Ayam Penyet rules! What made the whole dish even more memorable was the super spicy yet sweet homemade sambal. We actually ordered “ayam tambah” which resulted in us being left behind by the shuttle to the airport. But it was well worth it.
changi village

So the next time I think of a beach holiday, Changi Village will definitely be on the list, believe it or not…

Broadcast Asia

So I just came back from Singapore for Broadcast Asia. As expected, it was a well organised event with plenty of participation from industry players from all over the world. The booths had everything, from hardware, content and even Iron Man...
broadcast asia

But my main agenda tho was to attend its New Media conference. Overall it was a really useful and informative session with some pretty good speakers. And here are the two main messages I got out of the sessions...

Nothing ground-breaking on the surface, but are still messages that provide plenty to think about for New Media practitioners. And oh, wait for my slightly more interesting post (hopefully) after this on my being plonked in the "outback" of the Lion City...

Monday, June 16, 2008

The 7 Coolest Things Of The Past 7 Days

1. Malaysians start to collect RM625 fuel rebates
And on the very first day, over RM100m is disbursed. ‘Cos you know, there’s no such thing as “tomorrow” here in Malaysia…

2. Incredible Hulk tops US box office with $54.5
What choice did the people have? I mean, we wouldn’t want to make the Hulk angry, would we?

3. Snoop Dogg’s wife arrested for driving under the influence
All in the name of good content, I would assume.

4. Kevin Federline named Father of the Year by a nightclub in Las Vegas
The same club awarded Britney with the Mother Theresa Lifetime Achievement Award…

5. Paula Abdul announces she’s single again
There's no need to rush, rush into things now Paula...

6. Euro ’08 sizzles!
And the games are not bad either!

7. Adriana Lima gets engaged to NBA player after dating 9 months
Yeah, what took you so long, dude? It’s Adriana freakin’ Lima!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Dudes! If you missed the live show a couple of weeks ago, fret not. Both 8TV and TV3 will be airing the gig for your viewing pleasure. It'll be on 8TV 15th June 12pm, and on TV3 17th June, 11pm. Don't you dare miss it!

Read what bloggers have to say about Supergig here, here, here, here

GUA @ MHI (9th June)

Peeps! If you don't know by now, has a slot on Malaysia Hari Ini every Monday where we basically get to plug the latest goings-on on the site. It's hosted by upcoming actress Sari Yanti (Kisah Kaisara) and usually features yours truly as the "spokesperson"... Here's the latest ep if you've not seen it...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

KJH Bukit Jalil

So this past weekend, GUA camped out at Karnival Jom Heboh, Bukit Jalil. And as usual, we had loads of cool activities and artistes at the booth which attracted droves of people. Most interesting tho was the GUAmuzik Idol, held for the first time ever, attracting some really talented (and not-s0 talented) people. Wait for the video the come out - loads of great content, I can assure you...
kjh bukit jalil

Monday, June 02, 2008


Dudes, check out these superb pics snapped by Supergig official photog Fendi...

Lan of Meet Uncle Hussain

Nabil - the dude can really dance!

The first time collabo of Karen Kong and Altimet. And they clicked!
They definitely came to rock

Ella with Rama-Rama

Hosts Cheryl and Awal. Great job, guys!

Emmett was in his element...

He even crashed the crowd!

Tunku Tiara with Tiada Sekali

Andy Flop Poppy

Pacai the musician/composer is now PACH, the solo artiste

Faizal, seconds before going onstage

A rare duet

The end

For more pics, click here

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Other, Other Blog

This one's for the heck of it. And I DO need contributions. So click here for TOILET SIGNS!


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