Saturday, May 31, 2008


Fooh, what a night it was! GUAMUZIK SUPERGIG ’08 definitely delivered (at least in my books) on the promise of a great night of scintillating entertainment.

I know the artistes enjoyed themselves, and as the organizer, I must say that I don’t have much to complain about. The crowd wasn’t as big as expected, but it was an enthusiastic lot that turned up and I sincerely hope they had a blast.

But the stars of the night were the artistes who gave it their all and gave the GUAMUZIK brand a super huge boost. From Estranged’s ass-kicking opener to Faizal Tahir’s finale, the energy level was on the max throughout.

guamuzik supergig

And a big shout out goes to my own GUA team for the extra hard work put into making this happen in 3 freakin’ weeks. We were of course greatly helped by a fantastic production team led by Kelly and Ben, music director Lok U and his peeps, as well as the KJH committee. Thanks guys!

Estranged opened accounts with their latest single and of course, Itu Kamu

guamuzik supergig

Backstage with Nabil. Man, the boy can dance!

guamuzik supergig

Butter's back!

guamuzik supergig

The pic I always wanted. Finally!

guamuzik supergig
With Meet Uncle Hussain frontman, Lan

guamuzik supergig
Faizal's finale

For those who missed the show, you'd be able to catch it on TV3 and 8TV soon. So don't miss it!

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