Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ready, AIM, Bullseye!

So last night another AIM went by, and I must say it was one of the most painless, I mean, entertaining AIM shows in a while. For starters, it didn’t last 6 bloody hours like it usually does (oklah, I’m exaggerating a bit), and secondly, Bob “Big Bore” Lokman's no longer in the hosting picture. Hurrah!

But before the show began, ntv7 had a cosy little do with some delicious tit-bits and great company, including the peeps below...

Inside the hall at PWTC, I was impressed by the simplicity of the set and the awesome lighting. But looking around, it's apparent that some stuff simply stays the same, like the strong support for Datuk Siti (who'd go home with 2 major trophies in hand)...

And overall, the performances for the night were pretty darn good, my favourite being the opener by Faizal Tahir ,who literally flew in the hall! I must say that Faizal's show is now my all-time favourite AIM performance, which used to be Jason Lo's jamming out of "Evening News" .

The rest of the performers were also pretty decent and the show ended with a fiery performance by Pop Shuvit, who had earlier picked up the Wirama award for taking Malaysian music to the international scene.

But all the action took place after the show itself when my seating partner Pete and I turned into high-powered groupies, going around in the post-party hall and snapping pics with those who were more famous than us... (God, we're lame)

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la.leche said...

"High-powered groupies"! I think everyone who was at the after party inevitably and automatically would turn into one! jajajaja! Faizal was awesome, kan? :)


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